How Good Are These Common Indian Foods For Your Teeth?

How Good Are These Common Indian Foods We Are Often Told That Ghar-ka-khana (Homemade Foods) Are The Best. While They Are Good-no Doubt About That-you Also Need To Know If They Are Good For Your Oral Cavity.

For Example, Lemons May Be Amazing For The Tummy And Keep The Flu Away, But They Are Not Teeth-friendly.

How Good Are These Common Indian Foods

Having Raw Lime Regularly Can Cause The Citric Acid To Erode The Enamel Over Time. The Result? Sensitive And Attrited Teeth. So Here We Are Discussing Whether These Common Indian Foods Are Good For Your Teeth.

How Good Are These Common Indian Foods

Here Is A Compilation Of The Best And Most Favourite Items In The Indian Kitchen That May Have Certain Dental Vices But Are Otherwise Essential For Overall Health.


Tea, Particularly Green Tea, Is High In Antioxidants Such As Polyphenols, Which Can Help Reduce Bacteria And Prevent Plaque Formation. It Also Has Fluoride, Which Helps To Strengthen Tooth Enamel. Additionally, Tea Has Compounds That Can Lower The Risk Of Gum Disease.

While Tea Has Dental Benefits, Excessive Consumption Or The Addition Of Sugar Can Cause Tooth Staining. Too-hot Tea Can Also Contribute To Enamel Erosion. To Get The Most Out Of Tea’s Dental Benefits, Drink It In Moderation.


Pickles, Which Are Frequently Made With Vinegar And Different Spices, Can Increase Saliva Production And Counteract Oral Acidity. Furthermore, Pickles’ Crunchy Texture Can Help Brush Away Food Particles And Plaque From Teeth.

The Acidity In Pickles, Especially If Consumed Frequently, Can Contribute To Enamel Erosion. Also, The High Salt Content May Lead To Dehydration, Reducing Saliva Production Over Time. It’s Advisable To Enjoy Pickles In Moderation And Rinse Your Mouth With Water Afterwards.

Onion And Garlic

Sulfur Compounds, Found In Onions And Garlic, Have Antibacterial Qualities That Can Help Fight Harmful Oral Bacteria. They May Lower The Risk Of Cavities And Improve General Oral Health.

Onion And Garlic Are Known For Its Strong Odour, Which Can Cause Persistent Bad Breath. Maintaining Proper Oral Hygiene, Which Includes Brushing And Flossing, Is Crucial To Preventing This. Additionally, Consuming Them Raw In Excess May Cause Acidity, Which Could Affect The Enamel.

Dairy Products, Such As Cheese, Yoghurt, And Milk, Are Great Sources Of Calcium And Phosphorus, Two Minerals That Are Necessary For Building Stronger Dental Enamel. They Serve As A Barrier To Protect Teeth And Also Aid In Neutralizing Acids In The Mouth.

Full-fat Dairy Products Can Be High In Saturated Fats, Which, If Consumed Excessively, May Contribute To Overall Health Issues. Opting For Low-fat Or Fat-free Dairy Options Is Recommended For A Balanced Approach To Oral And Overall Health.

Curry With Spices

Curries Often Contain Spices Like Turmeric, Which May Be Good For Your Teeth Because They Are Antimicrobial And Anti-inflammatory. These Spices Can Contribute To Overall Well-being.

Curry Meals Frequently Include Turmeric And Other Staining Agents, Which Over Time May Discolor Teeth. Furthermore, Some Spices Have An Acidic Quality That May Erode Enamel. Keeping Your Mouth Clean And Eating A Balanced Diet Can Help Lessen These Effects.

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