UPSC Exam : Aspirants Seeking Extra Attempt Call For Protest at Jantar Mantar Today

New Delhi: Due to the extraordinary circumstance of the COVID-19 pandemic, scores of UPSC Examcommon administrations test applicants have been requesting an additional an endeavor as their arrangements were influenced.

Most of these applicants are the individuals who have either arrived at their maximum breaking point or depleted all endeavors last year or the people who could show up for the test in 2022 because of COVID-related issues.Also Read – UPSC Selects 31 Candidates For Joint Secretary, Director-Level Posts In Various Ministries, Govt Departments

In spite of the Supreme Court dismissing supplications requesting an additional an endeavor for the UPSC tests and the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) staying hush-hush, wannabes are as yet requesting an additional a way to clear the test. Additionally Read – UPSC Topper With Rank 9 Apala Mishra Sets New Record in Interview Round

Through a banner being flowed on WhatsApp, they have requested that individual applicants join the dissent at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on October 13 (Thursday) to request a compensatory endeavor in 2022.

“For all UPSC CSE last attempters/non-attempters who were antagonistically influenced in first and second rush of Covid. Go along with us on thirteenth October at Jantar Mantar,” the banner said. The contact number of an individual planning with UPSC wannabes for the dissent was additionally referenced on it.

The dissent call banner mentioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the equivalent. “Hon. Head administrator, if it’s not too much trouble, give one reasonable freedom to the adolescent to serve the country,” it said.

Prior in July, the Supreme Court would not pass headings to the focal government and the UPSC to concede one-time age-unwinding to those up-and-comers who couldn’t show up in the 2020 assessment because of COVID-related troubles and limitations.

While communicating compassion for their circumstance, the top court seat said that the Court can’t immediate the award of extra-possibility.

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