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US-based top infectious disease expert Dr Faheem Younus said he tested positive for Omicron after he attended a family gathering, while for the last two years, he has been around Covid patients. 

US-based top infectious disease expert Dr Faheem Younus on Saturday announced on Twitter that he has tested positive for Omicron, the latest threat the world is fighting now. Sharing five lessons from his fight against Omicron, Dr Younus informed that he had developed symptoms two weeks ago.

Recounting how he got exposed to the virus, the health expert said he has been around Covid patients over 1,000 times in the last two years but did not get infected due to masks and PPE. He said he got exposed for two days at a maskless family gathering.


Thanking vaccines, Dr Younus said it is because of the vaccines that he is back to tell his story on Twitter within five days. He said he is also back to work, with a mask.

“I didn’t need monoclonal antibodies, steroids, antibiotics or paxlovid etc. Symptomatic therapy (that I’ve shared many times before) was enough. Definitely didn’t use ivermectin, HCQ, zinc,” he added.

Herd immunity is good, but herd mentality is bad, Dr Younus tweeted. “Covid or no Covid, think of your own mortality, often. It puts everything in perspective and allows us to make brave, meaningful decisions,” he added.

If despite wearing an N95 mask, Covid infects a person, he or she is likely to recover fully if vaccinated. “That family gathering was important for me. But your risk tolerance could be different,” he said.

Dr Faheem has been sharing Covid-related tips since the beginning of the pandemic. In the latest updates, the doctor said that Omicron cases are doubling in every two days compared to every two weeks for Delta.

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