Tik Tok Star Jannat Zubari Account Banned | Why Reason? Block Mr Faisu Account?

Jannat Zubari Account Banned Why Reason? , who is the hallmark of beauty,

is the emerging Tiktok Queen. Jannat Zubair Tik Tok Account. BlockedJust look…

The actress is entertaining us with her videos and amazing clips on famous platforms like Tik Tok

Jannat Zubari Account Banned

Tik Tok Banned news 

Tiktok has become a rage among the youth in no time and in fact, it is a very promising stage.

For budding artists and actors who want to showcase their talent. Jannat, which has maximized

The performance it gets from this stage has already achieved success.

Tik Tok Jannat Zubair Rahmani Account Banned

Jannat Zubair had around 19.4 million followers on Tik Tok. However, they came down to 19.3 million followers.

Which upset the actress. Angrily Jannat posted a long message on the issues she is facing in her Tik Tok account. Just look…

Actress Jannat Zubari Account Banned Why Reason? who is also a Tik Tok sensation, got frustrated with the video application.

She took to her Instagram to share the problems she recently faced due to the platform. She shared a screenshot.

Of her Tiktok profile, which was taken on 11 September and showed her 19.4 million followers on the stage.

However, when he checked his profile today i.e. on 13 September, the number of followers on his account decreased to 19.3 million.

“This is not happening for the first time to me! It’s been happening for the last six months. Tik Tok is drunk!

Now every person who keeps asking me why I don’t upload tik too often? That’s why my access,

Thoughts, followers everything is limited and blocked. Jannat wrote on the Instagram

People need to stop doing such ridiculous and informal things without any reason.

TikTok Star Mr. Faisu Account Banned

That is about what occurred with Mr. Faisu and why his TikTok is restricted in addition

to what’s going on with him and his companions this day Jannat recently celebrated both her

birthday at 18 and the launch of her latest music video Ishq Faraji.

The young actress made her singing debut with Ishq Faraji, starring actor Rohan Mehra.

She played the lead role in Tu Aashiqui and was last seen in Zee TV’s Aap Ki Jaan Zhen Si.We hope that this issue will be resolved soon.