The Zoya Factor Movie Review | Sonam Kapoor Missed No Chance to Hit

The Zoya Factor Movie Review Sonam Kapoor What is half done well? Not so with Zoya Factor, an uneven page-to-screen exercise. The first half of the film has.

Cast : Sonam Kapoor, Dulquer Salman, Angad Bedi, Sikander Kher, Sanjay Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla, Rahul Khanna

Director: Abhishek Sharma

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)

A lot of hiccups and to prevent its many miscarriages on the way to the hour of entertainment. But after the interval,

This is another story. Looking at the screenplay (Neha Sharma, Pradyuman Singh and Anuja Chauhan),

The pox marks all become very clear and drag the film down. Not that there are no redeeming qualities here

The craftsmanship in the show is near perfect and the feel-good factor of the film is not entirely disappointing.

In a role for him, Sonam Kapoor missed no chance to hit the ball outside the park with infectious enthusiasm.

But a desperate middle-class advertising industry desperate for a breakthrough in professional life and love cannot

Promote this rom come fantasy beyond a point. And that point is the halfway mark

The break of innings after which it all becomes very clear and wavers.

The second half is disappointingly low on Jing. The writing is unique. It lacks any speed or swing that can knock

The film out of Maurice. It settles into a highly mechanical rhythm, as it goes through a series of field scenes

Including the Indian cricket team, amid fights between the fiercest female protagonists destined for the team’s

Fate-changing stale amulets. As the rising and stable captain Nikhil Khoda (Dulare Salman)

Who has no patience for the lucky Charas, repeatedly insists that confidence is his need them.

The Zoya Factor Movie Review Sonam Kapoor Missed No Chance to HitThe well-targeted toe-crusher that Zoya Factor delivers in its early stages through self-portraiture and

Disillusionment of heroines through comic feelings – some of which turn the woman towards the camera and

The audience Make him feel stirred in his mind – long hope gives way to rank. The drama built around the rivalry between

the captain and a team member and the state of unease between the rest of the boys, and pressure to make him feel frustrated and timid.

The Zoya Factor Movie Review Sonam Kapoor Dulare Salman

The Zoya Factor, directed by Abhishek Sharma (Tere Bin Laden, Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran), is the story of love.

Initially, the voice voiced by Shahrukh Khan dismisses cricket as a disease as “dengue and malaria”. Halfway through,

Someone describes the game as a “circus”. By the time the film is ready, the heroine dismisses the fact

that “everything has become a joke they reduce everything to a joke

Absolutely our point. However, the film’s intent is like Anuja Chauhan’s novel, adapted by it, it pokes fun at India’s

Obsession with the gentleman’s game and the nation’s tendency to embrace blind irrationality in the pursuit

Of success, it presents well Does. Significant climate slog-over. Despite being fed up, the film is not fully

Functioning despite a juicy half-volley weeping along the ropes of the border. Looking at it from a cricket perspective,

The Zoya Factor Movie Review Sonam Kapoor Missed No Chance to HitThe Zoya Factor plays too much dot ball, weakening a plot that seeks to meld comedic and sole The correlation is the best.

The film’s heroine Zoya Solanki was born on the day India won its first Cricket World Cup.

Therefore, he is seen as a lucky omen by his retired army officer-father (Sanjay Kapoor) and brother (Sikander Kher).

At first it is just cricket. But soon, he is considered a lucky attraction for Team India after

having breakfast with the boys and the team wins after consecutive defeats.

The Cricket Board offers him a formal contract to support the team, have breakfast with the players every morning

And cheer them up with a VIP box when out in the middle. She turns down the idea to begin with, but her growing

Fascination with Nikhil is enough encouragement to change her mind and take the vows.

The Zoya Factor Movie Review Sonam Kapoor

Nikhil retaliated and the challenge soon turned into a sinister relationship.

Zoya’s presence among the boys heightens the rivalry between Nikhil and Robin Rawal (Angad Bedi),

Nephew of Cricket Board chief (Manu Rishi), and threatens to derail India’s World Cup campaign

At a critical juncture. To boot she transforms into a goddess with the power to pull miracles.

All hokey pokées are fairly harmless up to a point, but a lot of it turns into avoidable hocus pocus as the story

Mixes through the ups and downs in the love story that reflect the politics within the team. It is unclear whether the film

Actually confronts any real-life situations through bad blood in the dressing room, but at least one of

The cricketers, Shiva (Abhilash Chaudhary), a real-life personality, Shikhar Dhawan. Is based on,

Complete with a twisted mustache, tattooed and recognizable on-field manner.

The actors do a good job of it, but it has no effect, except for the rest of the Indian team player, Gandharva Dewan

Who blindly believes in predictions and brings Zoya to the table. The focus of the film is on Dulare Salman

And Angad Bedi. Despite being characterful and charming, the former never feels right for the role.

Bedi has a very athletic screen and every inch is part of a cricketer. He most likely offers the script to him.

The fun parts of the film are mainly due to Sonam Kapoor, who plays a junior copywriter like a fish submerged

In water and tells her about the thrown posts and the lines of lines she is heavily influenced by As the character says,

His love life is useless and his professional life is even more useless. But the girl refuses to die as she throws lemons at him.

Between happy and outspoken, the actress portrays a daring dreamer, ending her.

The Zoya Factor Movie Review Sonam Kapoor Missed No Chance to HitDefeat and bad luck when she snacks with the Indian cricket team before the World Cup.

The Zoya Factor Movie Review

The Zoya Factor could have been a thoroughly entertaining comedy. It ends with being a raucous, indecent knock,

Where a few crisp strokes are dispelled by a host of hopelessly heavy hove-hoses. The film is often not a

Hit in a cute place, enough to really turn it into a romantic cricket film or a memorable moving love story.

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