Nazar Na Lag Jaye – Full Song Mr Faisu |Team07 Adnaan, Hasnain,

Nazar Na Lag Jaye Full Song Mr Faisu Team07 Adnaan, Hasnain, Faiz, Saddu, Ramji Gulati, Jumana khan

Of you have seen the place with you, then we will tell you today that it is handed over to you

you know that on the twenty-fourth date, but it will be a lot of fun inside because how you show your things,

Team07 have given a big surprise to their fans by doing this package in the morning water sight.

Although friends told about the twenty oil dates of money, then do not make your fans wait much longer.

Nazar Na Lag Jaye – Full Song Mr Faisu

And release this body on the twenty-first date. Given and will give you a small video of the show in this video,

But if you sport them for the first three days, then like this video and if possible, share the tax. Because friends,

They should complete all this on Facebook. They have launched it on Ramji Gulati’s official YouTube channel.

Better which the team do because it was released on Facebook two days ago but it did not

Get so much love. Did not do much because the fans were waiting for the

In sight, so now let’s see if this thinking comes in the rankings or not? Deficit is the answer

Nazar Na Lag Jaye - Full Song Mr Faisu |Team07 Adnaan, Hasnain,How dangerous means a good teaser. Inside a fun teacher, people saw a movie that means how fast it is going so fast.

That I took it on the evening of June, without trust, which was leased at the wrong time.

Nazar Na Lag Jaya Full Song  Mr.Faisu Team07

And with Mamta Sharma, I will have a daughter because other youngsters are getting fast but when

They released the teaser;It broke all the records in it, how did the skin commander make the teacher

And how much are you waiting for fennel? And who did you like some number the best, tell the mind of