TikTok Star Mr Faisu and Avneet Kaur New Song for a replacement project

TikTok Star Mr Faisu and Avneet Kaur New Song for a replacement project is

That the new TikTok sensation UN agency has up to fame along with his marvellous TikTok videos.

He is the internet’s new crush and women are sweptwing off their feet by his super-smart vogue and his cute nevertheless dashing appearance.

Mr Faisu is multitalented and has additionally featured within the Tere Bin Kive music video aboard Jannat Zubair. Recently, he free the teaser of his new music video with Team 07.

Now, Mr.Faisu is paired opposite Avneet for a replacement project. they’re shooting in capital of Armenia, Armenia. Have a glance at Faisu’s Instagram post!

Nazar Na Lag Jaye Full Song Mr Faisu Team07 Adnaan, Hasnain, Faiz, Saddu, Ramji Gulati, Jumana khanOf you have seen the place with you, then we will tell you today that it is handed over to youyou know that on the twenty-fourth date, but it will be a lot of fun inside because how you show your

TikTok star Avneet Kaur, UN agency has emerged as AN player from a toddler creator. She includes a immense fan following on her social media accounts.

TikTok Star Mr Faisu and Avneet Kaur New Song

She makes TikTok videos and keeps posting the videos on her Instagram account. Her TikTok videos

Are terribly fun and she or he is virtually the cutest in them. we tend to square measure completely crushing on her and her cute videos.

On the opposite hand, why she is dear by several of the children and why she is ruling their hearts is

All thanks to her fabulous fashion sense and magnificence. Avneet Kaur is growing up as a exciting and marvellous actor in her wonderful vogue.

She has a concept what suits her best, every and each kind of her is known and dear by all of them.

Avneet’s fans have dear and supported her for a really while and have shown her

Immense love even currently at this stage. Her love and keenness have brought her extremely way during this journey of hers