iPhone SE 3 latest leak AGAIN hints at “new” design!

The iPhone SE 3 leaks have once again hinted at an iPhone XR-like design. No official confirmation from Apple says.

It is only a matter of the few weeks before Apple is expected to come up with the new iPhone SE. Rumours and leaks have suggested so far the the 2022 iPhone SE is most likely to be the same iPhone SE that is available in the market, except for the new 5G chip. However, that hasn’t left other leaksters from suggesting a different possibility for the iPhone SE 3.

For a long time, the iPhone SE 3 has been expected to be a repurposed iPhone XR. A new set of renders from XLeaks7 and TenTechReview have shown the iPhone SE 3 to be what essentially seems like the iPhone XR. The renders have not even cared to put the Apple logo in the center, thereby making us ponder over the authenticity of the renders.

iPhone SE 3 as an redesigned iPhone XR

So far, Apple hasn’t commented on the possibility of a new iPhone SE. Noted Apple analyst Kuo, who has had a solid track record with Apple leaks, insists that 2022 will see the iPhone SE carrying the same design from the 2020 model but will get a new 5G chip, most likely from the iPhone 13.

However, this iPhone XR makeover is expected to come in 2023, or 2024. That could be the first time Apple will ditch the physical Touch ID sensor from the iPhone in a long time, unless future mainstream iPhone models bring the same. There’s also a possibility for the iPhone SE in the future to be based on the iPhone 13 Mini, as rumours suggest this is the last year for the mini iPhone.

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