IBA CRAFTS: JIT Process Is Right On Time To Save Fashion Industry Menace

The fashion industry today is the second most polluted in the world and has reached an inflection point with competitive & environmental pressures demanding a new approach to manufacturing. It has become necessary that the textile industry lead the way with more modern technology & Innovation for cleaner processes that save energy & water. The United Nations is warning the nations that half of the global population could be facing water shortages by the time we reach the next decade, i.e., 2030, and dramatic attempts need to be made to conserve the resource. Nowadays, unsold inventory from fast fashion often ends up in landfills, and resources used to create the clothing are wasted. So, we only make clothing after a customer has ordered it.


As per the introduction of Just in Time (JIT) technology by IBA Crafts, Just in Time technology promises to revolutionize the Garment Industry. The disruptive technology is the first of its kind in the world, the use of which dramatically reduces overhead costs & garments can be made within 48 hours catering to the need, requirement, and measures as the customer needs. With the introduction and inclusion of disruptive technology, i.e., JITGM (Just In Time Garments Manufacturing), which is also a copyrighted process with the Government of India, it is expected, this new technology will reduce the waste of resources, especially water. Here, the customer will place the order via AR (Augmented Reality) Images which will offer customers multiple ranges of fabrics/colors/prints/embroideries, and then garments would be produced within 48 hours after a customer placed the order.


How IBA is helping D2C Brands Excel with their Technology & Process Automation

Most fashion Brands are tired of paying thousands in inventory holding costs only to bear the burden of unsold items later? Even the most resilient fashion brands today struggle to grapple with these problems. So, whether you’re a start-up eager to turn things around or an established company searching for viable ways that can cut down its costs, look no further. Working with IBA craft can be your one-way ticket to better production strategies, faster supply chain processes, and enhanced overall management. Plus, we guarantee that you won’t find the cost benefits we offer elsewhere!

Additionally, IBA partners also enjoy a range of benefits. 


· No need to pay for substantial storage spaces 

· No excessive production and thus, minimal wastage 

· No need for contract hires to protect investors reserves at massive godowns 

· Limited buying and capital investment maximization 

· Increased time to focus on more important tasks and greater cost savings 

· A significant reduction in scrap material and overheads

IBACRAFTS Competitive Advantage  

We use AR/VR technology to render a digital catalogue for businesses deployed in the fashion industry, speedy fashion. Considering the dynamic nature of the industry, our automation enables a 48-hour turn-around time for the order to be received. We also leverage backward integration whereby our specialists create the catalogue, followed by the garments, so that they are exact renditions of their virtual images created via AR/VR technology on screen. 


Additionally, our MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) allows seamless price matching due to removing manual redundancies from the process.   There is no need for warehouse management; we keep our costs low and forward the benefits to our B2B clients. Safe to say, our state-of-the-art equipment and devices are imported from abroad, with some of the country’s most highly skilled individuals operating them. Our business model achieves the impossible through a wholly guided approach to reduced-cost inventory management.


How IBA tackle partnering brands concerns 

The confidentiality of brand designs and unique product stencils is incumbent upon us. It is also a contractual term that our company must adhere to through the right procedures and policies in place. We take every measure necessary to maintain the privacy of unique product designs. Access is only reserved to authorized personnel under the oath of complying with company guidelines. Thus, preventing malicious attempts of copycats while building deeper partner trust.

#Myfashionsaveswater: Our promise of sustainability 

As a fashion technology company, we recognize the burden even a single piece of shirt has on the environment. IBA Craft strives to limit the impact on the planet through its sustainability first policies. Our JIT model is perfect for eco-friendly fashion brands with a solid moral compass of responsibility. Since we don’t spend resources producing garments unless immediately required, gallons of water are saved for every piece we produce. After all, who says fashion can’t be better for the world and the communities? Our way certainly proves otherwise.


“Supply chains are rapidly evolving in the wake of a globalized move toward sustainable fashion. The traditional garment industry has become wholly redundant, which is why continued investment in it may not be the best decision from a futuristic spectacle. So, become a part of what’s to come, not what’s being left behind.” – Nitin Kapoor CEO, IBA CRAFTS




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