Housefull 4 Trailer Akshay Kumar Housefull 4 release date and cast

Housefull 4 Trailer Akshay Kumar, because friends are the most mach this year.The collector of Awat Film

Housefull will be posted with the mother’s pulses and the fabulous post police and together on the release date

Of the friend film Will also be revealed, tell friends, today they have been opposed by a fantastic people the story of this film

And the plot of this film has also been revealed, in this video, friend, we are going to tell you when the trailer of the houseful

Housefull 4 Movie what will this film do at the box office?

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The channel at all, so let’s start two films of superstar Akshay Kumar sir have been released this year


And friend both films have earned a lot of bang this time Where Friends Mission Mangal proved

To be an all time blockbuster film at the box office, Friends Kesari has proved to be a super hit at the box office and friends

Now his third film ie Desire, the most expensive film house is ready to be released in full form, let us tell you that

Today a great job has been done in this film, in which the plot of the film has also been revealed, friends.

The story has been told from 2000 to 200, which will see the journey of six hundred years,

This film of Akshay Kumar Sal and Ritesh Deshmukh is a horror comedy film. Being told and friends,

you are going to have a lot of fun in it. Live friends tell you that it is a horror comedy film and whenever

Housefull 4 Trailer Akshay Kumar Housefull 4 release date

Akshay Kumar has done a horror comedy film in the year, that film has proved to be a blockbuster, Houseful phone

There is a lot to be liked at the office, tell friends, you have to release on the occasion of Diwali and friends if these films are Diwali

But if released, on its very first day, this film will easily make about forty to forty five million rupees, box office

Housefull 4 Trailer Akshay Kumar Housefull 4 release date and castThere are connections that can be easily around two to three hundred to three hundred crores, tell this, friends, even during your last time when Diwali

On the occasion, Golmaal Four came, which was a horror comedy film, it also broke many records at the box office and from two hundred crores

Had earned more and friends, now films of series like Housefull are coming here, Friends, these films also have many records at the box office

What do you think friends have the power to break? The houseful force whose trailer is to be released on September 27.