World Idli Day 2021: Have You Tried Ramasseri Idli, The King Of Idlis From Kerala (Recipe Inside)

Love soft and fluffy idlis for your breakfast? If yes, then you are surely aware of its popularity across India. Although idli has its roots in South Indian cuisine, today it makes as a popular food across India. It is easily available at every South Indian food joints in your city. Besides, idli is also extensively prepared in almost every household. It is easy to cook and makes for a light and wholesome meal any time of the day. To mark its popularity, March 30th is celebrated as World Idli Day, every year. The brainchild of Chennai-based idli caterer Eniyavan, this day was first observed in 2015.

Traditionally, idli is a steamed cake made out of fermented rice and urad dal batter. However, if your look around, you will find different idli recipes across South Indian cuisine, with some tweaks and variations. While some like adding paneer to the recipe, others replace rice with ragi, oats and jowar to make it healthier.

On World Idli Day 2021, we found you a unique idli recipe that makes a popular dish in the Palakkad city of Kerala. It is called ‘Ramasseri Idli’. According to a tweet by the official website of Kerala Tourism, Ramasseri Idli is also dubbed the ‘King of Idlis’ for its ultra-soft texture.

World Idli Day 2021: How To Make Ramasseri Idli | Kerala-Style Ramasseri Idli Recipe:

While the ingredients for this recipe remains the same, food expert Ashwin Rajagopalan says, “It follows a completely different cooking style that makes this idli super soft.” He also mentioned that the unique cooking technique of making Ramasseri idli is passed on from one generation to the next within these families. Click here to know more about this dish.

Quintessentially, Ramasseri idli is made in a special type of earthen pot. The idli batter is spread on a muslin cloth and is covered with an earthen lid for steaming. While this process is quite hard to replicate, we bring you an easy recipe that can help you prepare Ramasseri idli at home. But before jumping in the cooking-style, let’s find out how to make idli batter. Click here for the recipe.

And for the ones who are pressed for time, here’s an instant idli mix recipe that you can prepare and keep at home. Click here to know more.

Quick And Easy Recipe Of Ramasseri Idli:

  • Boil water in a bowl and a steamer plate on it.
  • Place a muslin cloth on the plate and pour idli batter on it.
  • Close the lid and let it cook.
  • Once steamed, serve it hot with chutney and podi masala.

Unlike the regular fluffy idlis, this Ramassery idli is thinner, softer and wider. We suggest you must give this recipe a try. Do not forget to let us know how you like it.

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