Watch: This 5-Min Cheesy Egg Toast Recipe Will Never Let You Give Breakfast A Miss

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Mornings are time-pressed and busy for most of us. We struggle between finishing the daily chores on time and getting ready for work. Deciding on what to make for breakfast is the last thing we want to do in such a situation. Hence, we generally resort to the ‘safe’ options like bread-butter, cereals or smoothie. The same food every day can be mundane and boring, making us want to skip eating breakfast altogether. But it is not something we encourage even a bit. Nutritionists and health experts have time and again stressed on the importance of breakfast for a healthy living. Thankfully, we have multiple quick and easy recipes that can make the mornings bright and happy. One such instance is egg toast.

Spicy omelette spread on toasted breads – egg toast is simply irresistible. Making it yet more delicious for all, we found a cheesy egg toast recipe that can be prepared in just 5 minutes. This quick and easy recipe has been shared by food vlogger Alpa Modi on her YouTube channel ‘Something’s Cooking With Alpa’.

How To Make Cheesy Egg Toast In 5 Minutes|5-Minute Cheesy Egg Toast Recipe:

  • Break eggs in a bowl and add milk, onion, tomato, capsicum, coriander leaves, Italian herbs, chilli flakes and salt and whisk well.
  • Heat a pan and smear butter on it. Pour the whisked egg and spread.
  • Place two slices of breads on it cook both the sides. Tuck in the excess portion of the omelette that is outside the bread.
  • Now add cheese slice on one bread slice, cover it with the other and cook for a while till the cheese melts. You may also add some pieces of sausages if you have.
  • Cut the bread diagonally and serve hot.

Make this dish today and enjoy a delicious breakfast meal. And if you have any such quick breakfast recipe, do share with us in the comments section below.

Watch Here The Complete Recipe Video Of 5-Min Cheesy Egg Toast:

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