Viral: This Ferret Chef Recreates The Famous Ratatouille Scene

A ferret with a chef’s hat can be seen preparing the ratatouille dish hilariouslyInstagram

All fans of the animated movie Ratatouille, don’t miss this amazing video. Once you have a look, you are bound to remember Remy, the smart rat from Paris, who cooked like a pro.  The internet has discovered a real-life Remy and we are not even joking. The exact representation of a scene from the Pixar film was shown in an Instagram account named Floofnoodles. A ferret with a chef’s hat can be seen preparing the ratatouille dish hilariously. The ferret, which is held by a human hand, is swinging its body and licking its mouth. The caption says it all, “In memory of ratatouille.”

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The viral video that was shared on Instagram has managed to garner 1,14,690 likes in just four days. A social media user commented, “The way he licks himself and yawns I just can’t.” 

Most agreed that it was an amazing video. One person wrote, “This is a masterpiece. The best video yet.” Many fans of the movies found the similarity uncanny. 

After receiving recognition for the video, the caption on the latest post from the account asks for suggestions from followers. It reads, “Comment which food from a movie I should make next.”

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But before that, have you seen this adorable footage where the ferret chef prepared skewers? The description claimed that it was the “first time” it was trying to make the dish. In another funny post, a group of ferrets can be seen having what looks like a tea party. The clip starts with the little creatures enjoying their beverage in identical white cups when one of them drops it. The camera then captures their shocked expressions perfectly.

Only if the ferret knew what a social media star it has become. We are in love with this talented master chef, are you?

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