Viral Now: This Unique Iced Coffee Platter Lets You Try 5 Different Flavours

This iced coffee platter has taken the internet by storm.Image Instagrammed by @jojo.coffeehouse

Coffee is so much more than a beverage; it’s a whole other feeling altogether. Just a sip of the comforting brew is sheer bliss and catapults us straight to heaven. Coffee lovers have plenty of flavours to choose from. It’s quite a task to choose between the tonnes of coffee varieties, brewing techniques, degrees of roasting and even the strength of the coffee beans. If you are addicted to coffee just as much as we are, we have found a tweet which may make you drool. This iced coffee platter consists of five different flavours which you can spoil yourself with. Take a look:

The picture of the iced coffee platter went viral on Twitter, receiving over 235k likes and more than 40k retweets. Several caffeine-addicted users wanted to know where the iced coffee platter was sourced from, and the exact location where they could try it too. Users commented on the post saying that the iced coffee platter was available at a US coffeehouse and restaurant called ‘Jojo Coffeehouse’. Take a look at some more photos of the platter.

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The tempting iced coffee platter comes on a wooden board with five different flavours. Each flavour is mentioned in a list on the left, and the numbers correspond to the glasses on the right. The flavours included in the platter include various iced coffees such as a classic Latte, a bittersweet Mocha, a white Mocha with whipped cream, a chilled cold brew and a sweet Caramel Macchiato. The helping of the iced coffees was also generous and indeed seemed to be the ultimate indulgence for coffee lovers.

So, if you love a comforting cup of Joe – this iced coffee platter should definitely be on your bucket list! Have you seen a similar way of coffee being served anywhere else? Tell us in the comments below.

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