Viral: Fried Water Is The Latest Food Trend And Hilarious Reactions Are In Order Online

Grape pizza, strawberry on pizza, Chywanprash-filled cookie, chocolate Maggi, vegan chicken and much more, if you think you’ve tasted or seen all the bizarre food combinations, then think again! We bet you haven’t tried fried water yet! Yes, you read that right. Fried water is the latest and perhaps one of the weirdest food trends to take over the internet recently. And if you think deep-fried water is just a fancy name for boiled water, you are mistaken again.

A trend that first garnered attention in 2016 and died down soon after, has recently gained momentum back, thanks to Youtuber and chemical engineer James Orgill, who runs the channel The Action Lab. James, who tried deep-frying water in December 2020, got it right in the first attempt itself but warned that it is potentially dangerous to try at home as water and oil don’t mix together and all it needs a small leak for it to become an explosive splash. After all, it isn’t pakodas but just water and oil! But he went ahead and cooked it, and posted the video on Youtube which soon went viral with about 895,271 views and several hilarious reactions by users! Take a look at the video:

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To make this unbelievably bizarre dish, James uses calcium alginate – a gelatin-like chemical compound made from aqueous calcium chloride and sodium alginate. These substances help converts the water into an edible liquid membrane, in which the water is filled and deep-fried. “Now this works totally well for those who aren’t looking to add a lot of calories to your diet,” James says in the video.

He simply makes water balls, coat them in egg, bread crumbs and flour deep-fries in hot oil! The internet obviously took no time to react with hilarious takes on it! “A: “I just ate water” B: “You mean drink?” A: “Did I stutter?”, wrote one user. “Me: “I need to focus, my biology test is tomorrow” Youtube: Fried water”, wrote another. The internet could not believe the absurdness of this experiment and went on with some of the funniest jokes on it. Have a look:


Seems like there’s no end to creativity on the internet, be it in-jokes or science experiments! What do you have to say about fried water? Tell us in the comments section below.

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