Video Of Scientists Cooking Hot Dogs On Lava From Icelands Volcano Intrigues Internet

Scientists in Iceland decided to ditch their grills and cook sausages on the lava released from the recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland. Situated about 40 km away from the Iceland capital Reykjavik, the volcano has been erupting near the Fagradalsfjall mountain. The scientists used the lava collected at the foot of the volcano as a giant grill for their amusing cookout as they studied the eruption in detail. The eruptions have intrigued locals and the people of the internet who are getting to watch interesting live videos from the site.

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Reuters tweeted a video capturing the wonderful sight of scientists trying to cook sausages and buns on lava for a quick savoury snack. The video starts with a person trying to grill a select number of sausages placed around each other. The person then grabs one to show how well it was cooked from within and places it between the buns, another person helps him put ketchup on top of the hot dog. The video then pans to the top of the volcano.

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Needless to say, the video is going viral for its interesting premise. While some appeared worried about the contents of lava and its potential poisonous elements that could leach into the sausages, some couldn’t help but marvel at the fun science experiment so close to the scary natural phenomenon, and some simply dismissed the condiments (read: ketchup) used.

Here are some of the reactions to the video:

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