UK River Turns White After Milk Truck Overturns And Spills Contents

There are plenty of bizarre news items that we encounter every day on the internet. But one such incident will leave you completely baffled. The residents of Llanwarda, Carmarthenshire in Wales, United Kingdom, woke up to a strange occurrence in their neighbourhood. They were surprised to see their nearby river Dulais turn milky white. This was the result of a milk tanker crashing into the river, overturning and spilling its contents and thus changing the colour of the water in it. The incident was captured and shared by multiple UK-based news agencies as well as local residents. Take a look:

Shared on Twitter by @MayLewis19, she captured the milky river standing atop a bridge. Her 6-second-clip was widely circulated and received over 15.5k views. The milk created a small waterfall within the flow of the river. Hundreds of users shared enquiries about how this incident happened and how the local authorities were dealing with it.

Take a look at some reactions:

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Several users also expressed their concern for the aquatic animals and river creatures who would be affected by the milk spillage. They said that the river ecosystem may be disturbed and the local authorities should clean up the river as soon as possible.

The National Resources Wales also shared an update about the river on Twitter. “The river is now clear. There is no evidence of dead fish to date & NRW officers are continuing to assess & monitor the impact,” they wrote. They further prompted local to report any incidents of dead fishes in the river. Take a look:

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