Summer-Special Cucumber Raita Can Prevent Bloating And Other Digestive Issues Too

We feel raita is one of the most underrated dishes in any Indian thali. Although no traditional meal is complete without a soothing bowl of raita, we often forget to even mention about it. In fact, if you notice, you will see raita is always served as an add on with rice, paratha, roti-sabzi, biryani et all. Having said that, we also can’t deny that a bowl of raita makes any meal taste just better. It not only cleanses our palate, but also soothes our tummy after a heavy meal, especially during the summers. How, you ask?

Summer calls for light and comforting meals that helps prevent scorching heat and dehydration and also cools us down. And thanks to the yogurt in the recipe, raita makes for a perfect dish to include to our summer diet. But did you know that raita can help combat bloating too? Yes, you heard us. Yogurt is a storehouse of probiotic that regulates metabolism and digestion and helps reduce stomach gas and bloating. This particular factor again makes raita a great option during the summers, as the excessive heat during the season brings several digestive issues along.

Considering this, we found the classic cucumber raita recipe that can bring us comfort in a jiffy. Besides, the inclusion of cucumber makes this dish yet more cool and summer friendly. For the unversed, cucumber contains 95 percent water that helps us keep hydrated and flushes out the toxins, regulating better digestion.

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How To Make Cucumber Raita | Kheere ka Raita Recipe:

It is a quick and simple recipe that you can prepare hardly in 15 minutes. All you need for this recipe are dahi, cucumber, onion, coriander leaves, red chilli powder, salt and lemon.

All you need to do is, chop all the vegetables, add them, along with other ingredients, to a bowl of dahi and mix well. You can serve it as is or refrigerate it for a while before eating.

Click here for the step-by-step cucumber raita recipe.

This season, try this cucumber raita and make your meal a comforting affair. Happy summers!

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