South Indian Recipes: How To Make Kerala Parotta For A Hearty South Indian Fare

What more can be said about Indian curries that has not been spoken so far. Rich and mild, creamy or clear, there India’s rich repertoire of curries merits a chronicle of its own. But has it ever occurred to you that these curries can seem quite incomplete unless they are paired with the right bread. Pairing the right bread with right curry is a skill not many can boast about; this is why we often tend to go with the experts. If bhatura is meant to go with chole, who are we to question the combination, right? Another classic desi combination that has ruled our hearts forever is that of Malabari parotta and chicken stew. Malabari parotta is the pride of Kerala’s rich cuisine. It is no wonder that the parotta is also, often, referred to as the Kerala Parotta. So what is Kerala Parotta? And what makes it so popular.

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Kerala Parotta looks like Laccha Paratha but is crispier | Photo Credit: iStock

The Kerala Parotta is a unique flatbread that is known for its flaky, crispy layers. It is light in colour and has an inimitable chewy texture due to the use of maida. That’s right, the parotta has indulgence written all over it. It is made with a maida dough and ghee. It is roasted on a tawa, and in terms of look it is quite similar to the Laccha Paratha of North.

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Parotta goes very well with stew | Photo Credit: iStock

How To Make Kerala Parotta | Kerala Parotta Recipe:

Making Malabari Parotta or Kerala Parotta is not that tough provided you get the technique right. First of all, you need to knead a soft and pliable dough with maida and enough water. Cover the dough and let it rest for 30 minutes. Post this, pull out small balls and roll it round with medium thickness. Smear the surface with ghee. Fold in half, smear the surface with ghee again, and make another fold from corner to corner. Roll it thin without the layers tearing.

Heat the tawa, place a parotta and drop some ghee, when the edges start lifting. Cook till brown on both the sides.  Serve it hot with chicken stew or any of the Chettinad curry of your choice. Malabar Parotta goes very well with semi-dry and spicy preparations too.

For detailed recipe of Malabar parotta, click here.
Try this recipe at home and let us know how you liked it.

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