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 Neem : Tea May Help Manage blood glucose Levels Diabetes Diet

Neem Tea for Diabetes: Neem In English you’ll chew a couple of leaves as is or prepare a tea with the powdered neem leaves for several health benefits.

Diabetes is one among the foremost common diseases affecting people globally. As per International Diabetes Federation, 463 million people are suffering from diabetes round the world. it’s estimated to get up to 153 million by 2045.

Diabetes may be a chronic disease characterized by increased blood glucose (glucose) level within the body. If left unattended, this might further cause several other serious ailments like heart-disease, kidney-related issues and more.

neem in English:

While proper medication as per doctor’s recommendation is usually advise, some lifestyle changes can also contribute to managing the blood glucose levels. Healthy eating habits being one important a part of healthy lifestyle.

As per experts, one must maintain a balanced fiber, crab and protein intake as a neighborhood of diabetes diet. Added sugar, trans-fats and high-calorie should be strictly avoided within the diet.

Besides, several traditional herbs and spices are dub to be helpful in managing diabetes. One such popular instance is neem leaves. Largely grown across India, it’s load with flavonoids, antioxidants, anti-viral and anti inflammatory compounds etc which ensure there’s no surge in glucose. As per a journal Studies on ethno-Medicine, neem leaf powder is found to regulate diabetic symptoms on non-insulin dependent diabetics.

You may chew a couple of leaves as is or may prepare a tea with the powdered neem leaves for several health benefits. For the unversed, you’ll either buy powdered neem leaves from the market or prepare it reception by sun-drying and blending the leaves into powder.

Alongside neem powder, this tea concoction also includes cinnamon that’s known to be great for diabetics. As per a journal Diabetes Care, cinnamon may help improve blood glucose and cholesterol levels in people affects by type 2 diabetes. It is the risks related to diabetes and heart-related diseases.

This cinnamon-infused neem tea can also help promote immunity, skin-health, weight loss and more.

How To Make Neem Tea For Diabetes:


1 teaspoon neem powder

1.5 water

Half teaspoon cinnamon powder


Step 1

Boil water with neem and cinnamon powder.

Step 2

Strain the tea during a cup and sip. you want to know that this tea tastes a touch bitter.

Step 3

The non-diabetics who want to possess the tea can add some plum sugar or jaggery powder to the it.

It is always advise to consult an expert before including any quite medication to your lifestyle . And always remember, moderation is that the key!


This content including advice provides generic information only. it’s in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. doesn’t claim responsibility for this information.)

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