Move Over Fire Paan, The Gold Paan Worth 600 Rupees Is Making Waves In Delhi

Paan or betel leaf has been an indispensable part of Indian culture since time immemorial. You cannot take a walk down the street without stumbling upon a ‘paanwala’; we also have songs dedicated to this unique mouth-freshner that combines betel leaf and areca nuts. Much before the advent of cafes, it was the local paan shops that used to be the preferred ‘addas’ or hangout spots. But over the years our ‘paanwalas’ have also reinvented themselves and the very idea of ‘paan’. You must remember the sensation caused by the ‘fire paan’ a few years back. where a single piece of paan was set ablaze and placed inside your mouth. Now, it is time for the gold paan to take over. 

This delicious ‘meetha paan’ takes a luxe avatar. This paan is made with a combination of dry dates, dessicated coconut, elaichi, cloves, cherries, meethi chutney, mulethi, gulkand, chocolate and gold varq. That’s right, not your regular silver varq, but it is laced with pure gold varq! You can find this special paan in one of Delhi’s first premium paan parlour, Yamu’s paan in Cannaught Place. The paan is priced around 600 Rupees; however, the price may vary as per the customization. 

Needless, to say, if you rule out the gold, the paan would cost you much cheaper. The gold varq is the ‘USP’ of this paan.

Yamu’s Paan parlour is famous for a variety of paans – more than a 100. The most popular ones are the kit kat paan, fire paan, kesar paan, Swiss chocolate paan etc.

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