Mira Kapoor Shows Love For Ayurveda Again, Makes Gulkand From Scratch

If you have been following Mira on Instagram, you must be aware of the 26-year-old’s penchant for cooking. Mira Kapoor is a foodie and she makes no qualms about it. Mira is also a fan of clean and healthy eating and likes to incorporate many Ayurvedic principles in her diet as and when she can, especially the ideas pertaining to eating local and seasonal food. On the occasion of Holi, Mira prepared gulkand or rose jam from scratch using the flowers growing in her own backyard. For the uninitiated, gulkand is a sweet preserve that is immensely popular in the Indo-Persian region. You may have seen your local ‘paanwala’ smearing some of this translucent jam on his betel leaves. Gulkand is made up of two words ‘Gul’ which means rose and ‘Kand’ (sweet or sugar).
“We tried making Gulkand from the Desi Gulab growing in the garden and it was easier than I expected and so much fun!”, Mira wrote in her caption.

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She further wrote about the purported health benefits of gulkand in Ayurveda, “a spoon of Gulkand in water or milk after lunch and dinner will keep the stomach cool and prevent common Pitta ailments like acidity, heartburn and migraine. And with the heat setting in, this can help almost everyone.”

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Mira said that she has it daily and also shared her own recipe of gulkand.

“All you need is :

-Desi Gulab and Misri in equal proportion
-Elaichi Powder
-A glass jar to allow the sunlight to pass-through
-little helping hands

Layer the Rose petals, Misri and Elaichi powder and repeat. I was expecting the jar to be full but not all the roses had bloomed and we were quite excited to do this today so went ahead with half a jar.

If it fails not all is lost!

Place it in the sun and mix every few days till it looks like jam! #EverydayAyurvedawithMira #LittleMissy”, she wrote. You can watch the full video here:

On the occasion of Holi, Mira broke the internet with another cute video of her and Shahid. In the video, they can be seen hugging each other smeared in gulaal. Both of them posted the same video on their timelines. “Happy Holi, this time I got the real SK”, Mira wrote in her caption.

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