Microsofts Funny Tweet About Eating Samosa On Call Is Making Foodies Relate

Video calls and virtual meetings are the flavour of the season, as most corporations continue encouraging their employees to work from home. Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams are some of the platforms often used by companies for meeting purposes. Meeting time often spills over into lunch or snack breaks, which is why eating during meetings has become a common practice. Microsoft’s official Twitter shared a hilarious and relatable post about their Teams application and how it gives a notification every time someone is munching on a snack. Take a look:

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The context of the tweet by Microsoft was that the MS Teams application often gives a notification when your microphone is on mute and there is some noise coming from the background. Thus, even when you are trying to eat something the application will tell you, “Your Microphone is muted.” Microsoft’s tweet featured a funny reply to this saying, “I’m just eating these overstuffed vegetable samosas, okay?”

Microsoft’s hilarious tweet received over 2k likes and hundreds of replies and comments. The fact that Microsoft chose a popular Indian snack for their tweet was a fact desi Twitter loved. Several people could relate to the funny tweet, responding with the snacks they would choose to munch on. A few users also made references to the recently viral meme trend ‘Shweta mute your mic’. Others also wanted Microsoft to include a feature which said that they were eating but listening attentively, as multi-tasking was the need of the hour.

Take a look at some of the best reactions:

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