Meena Harris Gave A Spin To This South Indian Delicacy And Twitter Is Divided

The love for Indian food unites countless people across the globe. Indian cuisine has a raging fan following, and we have seen several international celebrities admit their love for it. Actor-producer Mindy Kaling and US Vice-President Kamala Harris cooked up a Masala Dosa, while chef Padma Lakshmi shared her own recipe for Tamarind rice. Chef Nigella Lawson confessed to craving Dal Chawal while chef Rick Bayless cooked up some Indian dishes at home. The latest foodie confession comes from Meena Harris, who is an American lawyer and also Kamala Harris’ niece. Wondering what she wrote? Take a look:

“South Indians are going to come for me hard on this but I need to confess somewhere that I just made rice and yogurt and lime pickle with cauliflower rice,” wrote Meena Harris in her tweet. She admitted that she made the South Indian favourite curd rice with lemon pickle by substituting regular rice with cauliflower rice as a low-carb, keto-friendly alternative. Meena Harris feared receiving ire on social media for her strange dish, as she confessed in her tweet.

The tweet has received 3.5k likes and hundreds of retweets since the time it was shared. Mindy Kaling too replied to the funny tweet, sharing her own experience of when she had posted a controversial food opinion about samosa. Several users did not mind trying the unique curd rice prepared with cauliflower rice. The confession did not go down well with a few others.

Take a look at the reactions:

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Meena Harris is one personality who doesn’t mince her words on social media. We would love to see more of her experiences and innovations with the Indian cuisine! What did you think of the post by Meena Harris? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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