Love Mangoes? Heres How To Make Indias Favourite Aam Ras

There are a million reasons to dislike Indian summer. It is often unbearable, ruthless, makes people irritable and often burns your skin beyond repair – but there are a few people who dedicatedly wait for this very season every year for just one reason. You guessed it, we are talking about mango lovers and their precious wait for mangoes. Also known as the king of fruits, mango comes in many shapes, sizes and avatars throughout the summer season. From safeda and chausa to alphonso, mallika, totapuri and langda, there are varieties galore. 

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Since we can never have enough of this pulpy fruit, over the years we have come up with many recipes to make the most of this fleshy fruit. Aamras seems to be an offshoot of such deep-rooted love for mangoes. Aamras is traditionally made with alphonso, or any juicy variety of mango. Aamras is a combination of two words, aam which means mango and ras which means some kind of strained juice or pulp. Aamras is basically a smooth mango pulp, blended enough for a smooth consistency. It is to be noted that it does not have a shake-like thick consistency. Aamras can be consumed as a beverage or as an accompaniment to your puris. Yes, you heard us. Aamras and puri is one of the most beloved meal combinations in parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra. 

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Mangoes are very versatile

It is fairly easy to make aamras at home. All you need to do is fetch some good variety of mangoes. Wash and peel them and roughly chop the mangoes. This particular recipe also comes with fragrant notes of cardamom and the boldness of cumin. You can use powdered sugar to make this aamras as it is easier to mix. A little bit of lime juice and chaat masala powder give this sweet drink a much needed zest. All you need to do is mix everything together until you get a rich drink.

Here is the detailed recipe. Try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below. 

Pro-tip: Serve chilled for best experience
Happy Summers!

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