Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make South Indian-Style Prawn Ghee Roast For A Fiery Feast

If you are a fan of South Indian food, you would perhaps be aware of how so much can happen with only a few ingredients in tow. South Indian food is a majestic cascade of indigenous spices, local and seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is a bit of this and a bit of that, and together, it makes for one of the most wholesome cuisine of all times. The distinctness of every dish never ceases to stun us. Take, for instance, the ghee roast dishes, you may have had many roasted dishes, but the velvety texture that ghee offers is truly inimitable. Chicken ghee roast, prawn ghee roast, paneer ghee roasts are popular Mangalorean preparations that are characterised by its deep red colour, tangy and spicy melange of flavours and of course the lovely softness provided by the ghee.

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Prawn ghee roast is a popular recipe.

The true game-changer of all ghee-roast is the masala. The recipe of the ghee roast may vary from place to place, but the idea is to make the dish bursting with spicy flavours. The masala is not dry, but is more like a paste. It is typically made with a combination of Kashmiri red chillies, garlic and tamarind, that helps serve as a nice contrast to the hotness. This prawn ghee roast recipe also uses the delightful cumin seeds. Make sure you only use pure cow ghee, if you want that authentic taste.

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Prawns are super crunchy and taste delicious in prawn ghee roast

Prawn ghee roast is much easier to make than you think. All you need to do is boil the red chillies and in a blender blend them with garlic, tamarind, cumin seeds. Next in a heavy bottom pan, add the chilly paste and ghee, toss some prawns. Saute until everything is well-mixed. Cook till the ghee separates from masala. Add some salt for taste and serve hot with neer dosa or appam. You can also have it with rice or just have it as it is (like us).

Sounds like a real cakewalk, right? Here is the detailed recipe of South Indian-Style Prawn Ghee Roast. 

Try making it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.


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