Holi 2021: How To Make Thandai Phirni For A Refreshing Festive Treat

Holi 2021: Thandai Phirni is the best of both worlds.Photo: iStock

Holi is being celebrated across India on March 29, 2021. Many people will be celebrating the festival of colours at home, considering that Coronavirus cases are rising again. However, that shouldn’t stop us from indulging in our favourite festive treats! No festival is complete without some delightful sweets, and Holi is no different. From chashni-drizzled Gujiyas to some sinful Kheer – there’s no dearth of sweet delicacies to make on Holi. This Thandai Phirni is the perfect refreshing treat which brings together the Holi favourite Thandai and the classic Indian dessert Phirni.

Phirni is a delicious dessert which is typically made with rice or rice flour boiled in milk with assorted nuts and spices. It is creamy and thick, and every bite refreshes you to the core – thus making it ideal for Holi and even summer season in general. The Thandai Phirni recipe we have found for you is a quick, simple and hassle-free preparation, which will be ready in time for your Holi celebrations. The Thandai-flavoured twist to your dessert will make for a memorable end to your meal.

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Holi 2021: Try this delicious and refreshing Thandai Phirni recipe for your festive feast! 

How To Make Thandai Phirni | Thandai Phirni Recipe

1. Boil milk in a heavy-bottomed pan. Once it starts boiling, add green cardamom to the pan.

2. In the meantime, take the soaked rice and coarsely grind it in little water.

3. Now add sugar, thandai masala, kesar milk and the ground rice to the boiling milk. Stir till the mixture becomes thick.

4. Once the milk thickens, turn off the heat and refrigerate the Phirni.

5. Serve chilled garnished with chopped nuts.

Try this creamy and tasty delight for a summery and sweet Holi treat.

Click here for the full recipe text of Thandai Phirni.

Happy Holi 2021!

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