Gordon Ramsay Tries Sandwich At Starbucks Drive-Through, Watch His Reaction

Gordon Ramsay’s viral video was too funny to miss.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is one of the biggest social media sensations in the world of food. Known for his quick wit, harsh criticism and hilarious food commentary, the master chef’s videos often go viral online. His 12 million strong Instagram fan following eagerly waits for single time he criticises a recipe or a dish. Thus, when Gordon Ramsay decided to try Starbucks’ sandwich, it was definitely going to make for an interesting watch. The video was shared by the celebrity chef on IGTV, and it has received over 2.6 million views and counting. Take a look:

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Gordon Ramsay wrote in the caption of his post, “Some times I get bored on the road… So I decided to have some fun at the drive-thru and met Harry Snotter!!” The nearly 2-minute clip also received thousands of likes and comments from viewers.

The seemingly innocent questions that Gordon Ramsay asked the Starbucks employee were quite funny to watch. “Do you do takeaways,” enquired chef, following it up with, “What’s 10 taken away from a hundred.” Apart from this, chef Ramsay also wanted to know about which exact mustard was used in the sandwich that he ordered. “I’m allergic to American mustard,” he said amidst laughs from the employee.

Upon receiving his order, the first thing Gordon Ramsay noticed was that the Ham and Cheese toast was only toasted on one side. Further, he asked why the sandwich did not have any mustard in it. When he kept the sandwich aside to drive further, some of the cheese got stuck between his fingers, to which he said, “Harry Snotter!” Gordon Ramsay also thanked the Starbucks employees for laughing along with him.

The hilarious viral video received thousands of comments from users. “Ramsey’s drive though nightmares. Coming soon,” wrote user Chris Baber while Dolly Pawton said, “You’re such a wind-up. love it!”

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