From Sabudana Kheer To Panakkam: Celebrate Ram Navami With 5 Delicious Indian Recipes

While it is the time of festivals in India the second wave of Covid 19 has sure come across as a dampener of sorts. We have to understand the importance of being home and minimise interaction with people to contain the spread of infection. But that does not mean these festivals need to be devoid of festive cheer. You can still celebrate the festival with all the traditional delicacies. You would be surprised to know just how simple most of these are. On Ram Navami, a lot of people like to eat light and desi vegetarian food. A lot of us also know of the vrat rules, you cannot have pulses,rice or grains. Pseudo-cereals and grains like sabudana and kuttu are permissible. You can experiment with a whole lot dishes on this day, here are some of our favourite Indian recipes that are a must-try.

Celebrate Ram Navami With 5 Delicious Indian Recipes:

1. Sabudana Kheer
Sabudana or tapioca balls are a vrat staple and honestly we don’t mind including this superfood in our diet all year round. Soaked sabudana balls get that beautiful spongy texture that taste delightful in a simple milky pudding. You can use cardamom to infuse more flavour to your kheer. Here’s a recipe. 

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2. Panakam
This South Indian drink is just ideal for a superhot day. Panakam has a strong association with Ram Navami. This jaggery, dry ginger and cardamom based drink is made in huge numbers during Ram Navami. Also known as Panaka in Kannada, this drink is very easy to make and is also good for detox, here’s the recipe. 

3. Kuttu Dosa
Since kuttu (or buckwheat) has raided our kitchens right now, it would be foolish to not make the most of it. This high fibre dosa made with kuttu flour has a dense and coarse taste. You can pair it with chutney or any soothing curry you like. Here is a recipe

4. Vratwala Dhokla
This fluffy dhokla is a real delight for those who cannot have their tea without something to munch on. As you may have guessed it is made with all permissible ingredients. Here’s a quick recipe of this vrat-friendly version of your favourite dhokla.  

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Ram Navami falls on the ninth day of Navratri 

5. Aloo ki kadhi
This lip-smacking preparation made with stewed potatoes, buckwheat and curd has comfort written all over it. Serve it with samak rice and you are good to go. Try this lovely recipe. 
Happy Ram Navami 2021!

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