Ever Heard Of Blue Java Banana? It Tastes Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream – Says Twitter User

We have been introduced to bananas since childhood. The sweet and starchy fruit available year-round, banana holds a firm position in our fruit basket. In fact, we consume banana in both its raw and ripen forms. While the colour of the banana skin is green when raw, it turns yellow as it ripens. But have you ever heard of blue bananas? Yes, you read it right. There’s another variety of banana that has a unique blue colour and creamy texture. It is called blue java banana. For the uninitiated, the Blue Java banana is hybrid of the seeded bananas – Musa balbisiana and Musa acuminata.

During our research about this unique banana, we came across a fact that amused us to the core. According to a person on Twitter, it tastes just like vanilla ice-cream!

Tham Khai Meng, the former Global Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy, recently took to his Twitter handle to share, “How come nobody ever told me to plant Blue Java Bananas? Incredible they taste just like ice cream”. He also shared the images of the banana, and it looks incredible. Said to be grown primarily in Southeast Asia, it is much popular in Hawaii and is called ‘Ice Cream banana’. Let’s take a look at the tweet:

He further shared an amazopedia link that details the facts about this unique fruit. According to amazopedia, these blue java bananas can grow to a height of 15 to 20 ft and the leaves of the tree are silver- green in colour. Here’s the tweet:

Tham Khai Meng’s tweet attracted a number of eyeballs, with one person commenting, “Amazing, I just looked them up, I’d never heard of them before your tweet. What an amazing, abundant, diverse world we live in.”

“Where did you find these? Never knew they existed ..,” wrote another Twitter user. A third tweet comment, “What , is this real?”

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