Courteney Cox Shows Off Her Inner Chef Monica Geller From FRIENDS – Heres Why

Courteney Cox is as good a chef as Monica

Remember ‘Monica Geller’ from the popular American Sitcom ‘FRIENDS’? A cleanliness obsessive, hard-working chef – Monica Geller became a household name due to her strong and quirky character. Actor Courteney Cox, who portrayed Chef Monica in the series, seems to have a part of Monica within her. In fact, in several instances, she revealed that the character’s traits wore off on her. If you follow her on Instagram, you will find that Courteney is as good a chef as Monica. In addition, she is also a bit obsessed with cleanliness and she proved it well in a recent Instagram post.

Courteney Cox, who enjoys 10.5-million followers on the photo-sharing app, channelises her inner Monica every now and then. Recently, she followed the ongoing trend ‘tell me without telling’ on social media and shared a video captioning, “TELL ME YOU’RE A MONICA WITHOUT TELIING ME YOU’RE A MONICA.” The video featured her clean and tidy kitchen, well-organised with proper labels on each ingredient. Moreover, she also has a drawer just to set her cutleries as per shapes and sizes. Alongside, she also asked her fans to show off their inner Monica. Take a look:

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The video grabbed the attention of the ‘FRIENDS’ fans, with the post garnering more than 1million likes and more than 24k comments on it. “Monica is such a Courteney,” Musician Joe Summer commented on the post. Another comment read, “Classic Monica.”

“If you could come organize my kitchen and life that would be awesome!!!!!” read a third comment.

Do you too have a Monica within you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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