Controversial Tweet About Pani Puri Vs Golgappe Divides The Internet

Indian street food is a storehouse of culinary gems. There are a plethora of dishes across the country, with a unique preparation found in every region. Residents of each city swear by a list of local haunts which serve the most delicious street-style treats. Golgappa is one of the most-loved street food items which has countless fans all over the world. Crispy fried spherical balls are filled with tangy chutneys and a zingy pani to make a drool-worthy treat. The much-loved treat is called by various names, and this was exactly the subject of a recent controversial tweet.

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The widely popular treat is loved by all and is known by plenty of different names. For instance, Delhiites refer to it as ‘Golgappa‘ while Mumbaikars call it ‘Pani Puri‘. In Lucknow, it is known as ‘Paani Ke Batashe‘ whereas in Kolkata and eastern states it is called ‘Puchka‘. This difference of names was exactly the subject of the tweet by @glorygirlll, which received over 5.6k likes and nearly a thousand retweets and comment. In the post that the user shared, there were two pictures – one was a click of ‘Golgappa’ and another of ‘Pani Puri‘. The difference was that the Pani Puri picture took the name literally, pairing a glass of water with the Indian bread puri.

While many users found the tweet hilarious, others did not agree with the depiction. The images of Pani Puri was shared multiple times on other social media platforms as well, starting up a food war about tantalising street food.

Check out how users reacted to the tweet:

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