Coimbatore Woman Wins Hearts By Selling Free Biryani For Poor

Tough times teach you to be compassionate, they say. Now, Twitter has witnessed a fine example to support this statement. Here we have a woman from Puliakulam, Coimbatore, who is providing free food to people in need. The pictures, featuring the woman with her small set up laid on a table, are making rounds on the Internet.  People in larger numbers have expressed their admiration for such a kind gesture. In one of the photographs, we can see a message written in Tamil, which loosely translates to, “If you feel hungry, Take it.” The images made their way to the social media platform via RJ Balaji.  Along with pics, he wrote, “What a great gesture by this small roadside biryani shop in Puliakulam, Coimbatore! Humanity at its best.” 

Social media users were touched by this generous act. The post has received more than 12k likes and over 2,000 retweets.

One of them wrote, “Long live biryani shop owner.” 

Another user  said that incident proves that “Humanity Still Exists.” 

The unanimous verdict was that the woman deserved all the kudos.  

These images cropped up on social media days after a man from Vadodara pledged to deliver hygienic food to those suffering from coronavirus. Shubhal Shah posted on Twitter, “We are here with you in this Covid crisis. If your family is suffering from Covid-19, we will deliver hygienic lunch and dinner at your doorstep, free of cost for the entire quarantine period. We are not into any name, publicity or photographs.”

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