Chaitra Navratri 2021: Easy Tips To Make Perfect Sabudana Kheer Without Making It Mushy – Watch Video

What’s the first food we associate to vrat? Surely, sabudana will be the most common answer. These small-sized pearls are loaded with starch that makes up for the lost energy due to fasting. Hence, we opt for various sabudana recipes during our vrat – sabudana kheer being one of the most popular recipes. Although sabudana kheer follows the same cooking technique as normal kheer, getting the perfect texture of sabudana kheer is not as easy as it seems. To us, this kheer is perfectly cooked when each sabudana pearl is boiled yet intact (with a nice bite). However, many a times we end up making it mushy and soft. If you are facing the same problem, then fret not, we have got you covered here.

This Chaitra Navratri, we found some easy tips and tricks that will help us make perfect sabudana kheer, without much effort. These tips and tricks are shared by food vlogger Parul Jain on her YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’. Alongside, she also shared the recipe of healthy and delicious sabudana kheer. Let’s take a look.

Navratri Special: 5 Easy Tips To Make Sabudana Kheer:

1. The secret to a perfectly cooked sabudana kheer lies in its ingredients (sabudana). We should always use the regular mid-sized sabudana pearls for the recipe.

2. If you wash and soak the sabudana well, then you are halfway through the process. Sabudana is loaded with starch, so wash it multiple times to avoid the stickiness. Wash until the water looks clear.

3. While soaking, keep the water level half-inch above the sabudana. Soak it for 1 hour. Do not add extra water.

4. Besides, one must also remember to make the kheer in boiled milk, not raw milk. So boil the milk once before starting the process.

5. Always roast the sabudana in a little ghee for some time before adding it to milk.

Follow these steps and make a perfect bowl of sabudana kheer for your vrat. Happy Navratri, everyone!

Watch Here The Complete Recipe Video Of Sabudana Kheer:

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