Buffalo Enjoys Eating Special Sandwich; See Adorable Video Here

The buffalo video is too cute to miss.

We love watching adorable animal videos on the internet. Not only cats, but you can also find pandas, dogs, elephants and more animals making their way to viral social media posts with their cute antics. The latest video to catch our eye is of a buffalo happily eating a sandwich. An Indian food blogger made a special nutrient-rich sandwich and fed the buffalo that actually seemed to enjoy it. The video also shows the entire process of making the loaded sandwich and it surely looks like a wholesome meal, full of multiple grains.

Food blogger Amar Sirohi shared this unique video on his Instagram handle “Foodie Incarnate” and wrote in the caption: “Vitamin H Sandwich. Why should humans have all the fun?” Watch the video and you’ll be amused to see how the sandwich is made keeping in mind the nutrient requirement of the animal. And when the buffalo gobbles it down eagerly, it brings a smile to your face.

Watch the video here:

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The sandwich recipe starts with two bread slices. Inside this, multiple ingredients such as ‘chane ki choori’, soyabean flakes, wheat flakes, fresh oats, desi ghee-smeared roti, ‘sarson ki khul’, ‘ganne ka nyar’ and ‘gehun ka choker’ are added. Then vitamin H syrup is also sprinkled. The sandwich is completed by closing with the other two slices and fed to the buffalo with love.

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In the end of the video, Amar Sirohi also sends out a special message. He urges the viewers to not limit their love to only pet dogs and cats but to share it with all kinds of animals.
The adorable video garnered more than 85k views, 8k likes and hundreds of appreciative comments.

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