Awadhi Biryani: Get Your Slice Of Royalty With This Stellar Biryani Recipe

Awadhi Biryani is much easier to make than you think

A discussion of Awadh’s history can never be complete without talking about its rich culinary legacy. Awadh has been a mute witness to many kitchen chronicles. You cannot imagine a lavish North Indian spread without including at least two to three Awadhi delicacies. It is the land of soothing nihari and soft kebabs, the kormas and kalias. Additionally, it is also the place where the legendary Awadhi biryani was born the famous Awadhi Biryani. Awadh is an archaic name of the North-Eastern part of present-day Uttar Pradesh. Since this part was ruled by many Muslim rulers, several Persian elements are found their way in the cuisine. The word ‘Biryani’ is derived from Persian word ‘biryan’ which means fried before cooking and ‘birinj’ which is a Persian word for rice. This delicious rice dish is made with a combination of meat, spices and rice. Sometimes there is use of nuts, saffron and milk too. 

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Biryani is a preparation fit for any feast

The many different kinds of biryanis found in India is proof to the fact that we are obsessed with the dish. Hyderabad has its own regional version, so does Kolkata and Tamil Nadu. The Awadhi biryani is said to be one of the more delicate versions. A plenty of spices are used to cook meat, but nothing ever feels overwhelming. This is because the meat is marinated in yogurt too and is allowed to rest for a while. This well-marinated meat then becomes the treasure of flavours in this delicious biryani. The Awadhi or Lucknawi biryani is pakki biryani. In other words, meat and rice are cooked separately; they are layered together and cooked dum-style. In Kacchi Biryani, raw meat, marinated with spices is layered with raw rice and both are cooked together. 

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Biryani can be of many kinds

Awadhi mutton biryani is an ideal recipe for a party or a feast. You can also pack it for picnic and impress everyone because let’s admit it, biryani will always find takers. This mutton biryani is actually not that difficult to make either, provided you have all the ingredients in place. The biryani uses very common kitchen ingredients that you can find easily in your local grocery stores.
Here is the detailed-recipe of Awadhi mutton biryani you can try at home.

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