8 Quick Work-From-Home Breakfast Recipes To Supercharge Your Morning

Since last year, work from home has become a norm for most of us, thanks to the pandemic.
It has doubled the responsibility of people who have to cook as well as do their office work. Gone are the days when you could simply enter your office canteen whenever you felt hungry and order your favourite breakfast and coffee. Now that we have to prepare our own snack while working, why not look out for easy alternatives. Don’t worry we have got you covered with not just simple but tasty breakfast recipes that won’t take much of your time.

Here Are 8 Quick Work-From-Home Breakfast Recipes To Supercharge Your Morning:

1. Batata Poha or Aloo Poha

This delicacy is popular in Maharashtra. All you need is 20 minutes to prepare it. The
ingredients used are soaked beaten rice flakes, chopped potatoes, spices and coriander. One can also add finely chopped onions for added flavour. It tastes best when garnished with peanuts and lemon juice.

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Work-From-Home Breakfast: Poha

2. Vegetable Bread Toast

No explanation needed here. This bread recipe is one of the easiest to try out on a busy
morning. To make this, cut vegetables of your choice and place them between two slices of bread that have butter and chutney applied on each side.


Work-From-Home Breakfast: Vegetable Sandwich

3. Chutney Sandwich

This one absolutely does not need effort and extra minutes. All one needs is a stack
of bread slices, butter and green chutney. This chutney can be prepared with ingredients like coriander, mint and spices. 

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Work-From-Home Breakfast: Chutney Sandwich

4. Bread Poha

To make this local food item from Maharashtra, you will need batata or kanda poha and
slices of bread. Just put together bread pieces with spices, onion and coriander. Your bread poha is ready to be savoured!

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5. Banana and Dry Fruits Porridge

Here’s one ready-made recipe you can prepare almost daily. To make a bowl of this nutrient-rich
breakfast, take mashed or chopped bananas. Add them into milk, oats and dry fruits available at home.

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Work-From-Home Breakfast: Porridge

6. Rawa Upma

This preparation is wholesome and easy to cook. The healthy delicacy is made of raw and
spices. One can add peas, carrots, beans and grated coconut for extra flavour.


Work-From-Home Breakfast: Rawa (or Rava) Upma

7. Scrambled Eggs

On a lazy day, just opt for scrambled eggs. This breakfast option is not just good for
your taste buds but also filled with proteins.

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8. Honey Pancakes

Pancakes can be on your menu if you are tired of the usual snacks. The fluffy pancakes
can be gobbled with honey or chocolate syrup.


Work-From-Home Breakfast: Honey Pancakes

These were some of the quick breakfast recipes that you can line up for a week. Tell
which one would be your first choice in the comments section below.

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