Canada to Introduce Coronavirus Tracing App in July

Coronavirus Tracing


  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday the app is going to be voluntary
  • Governments around the world are turning to apps to trace the virus
  • The app will notify Canadians of exposure to the coronavirus

Canada is introducing a contact tracing smartphone app which will notify Canadians of exposure to the new coronavirus.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday the app is going to be voluntary which if someone tests positive, other users who have the app and are in proximity will then be alerted they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive. Trudeau said privacy is going to be respected.

“At no time will personal information be collected or shared, and no location services are going to be used,” Trudeau said.

Governments round the world are turning to smartphone technology to assist battle fresh virus flare-ups as they ease lockdown restrictions. But technical problems and privacy concerns have dogged the event of virus tracing apps

Health authorities in Britain announced Thursday they’re scrapping plans to launch their own coronavirus contact tracing smartphone app due to technical problems and can now work on building one using technology supplied by Apple and Google.

Other European nations like Switzerland, Germany, and Italy, are employing a “decentralized” approach supported the Apple-Google smartphone interface, which experts say is best for privacy because it keeps data on phones.

“We drew lessons from what people did round the world,” Trudeau said. “This sort of simple and anonymous application, that’s entirely voluntary, are going to be extremely powerful in terms of helping us to reopen the economy safely.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday the app is going to be voluntary.

Ontario will soon begin testing the app which is being developed with the assistance of Canadian technology companies Shopify and BlackBerry. He said Apple and Google recently put out major upgrades to their operating systems which the app are going to be available in July.

“It are going to be up to individual Canadians to make a decision whether to download the app or not but the app are going to be best when as many of us as possible have it,” Trudeau said.

He said there are 30 million smartphones in Canada which will take the app, and he hopes over 50 percent download it.

“Any amount of individuals that download it’ll be useful for that person and for society. But it’s certain that if we will mention 50 percent uptake, for instance , or more, then it becomes extraordinarily useful,” he said.

The prime minister said the app will encourage people to succeed in bent their local public health authorities.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Canada passed the 100,000 mark on Thursday. There are quite 8,200 deaths.

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