You are my love (Riansh) part 57 by [email protected]

Today’s episode starts…
The next day
Ridhima’s cabin

Ridhima  was checking some files . Suddenly , her phone ringed . She saw Shreya as the caller ID .she picks it up .

On the call .

Ridhima – hello shreya

Shreya – hello ridhima

Ridhima – is everything okay you called suddenly ??

Shreya – yaa.. everything is fine . Actually called you from invitation .

Ridhima – which invitation ?

Shreya – actually it’s my baby shower . So i am inviting you and you have to come .

Ridhima – but..

Shreya – no ifs and buts you have to come .okay. no excuses .

Ridhima – Shreya , believe me I am having much work .

Shreya – see have your ridhima di is not ready to come  . ridhima pls for the sake of baby .

Ridhima – ohk…I will come . Fine

Shreya – yaa that’s good . So tomorrow at 7:00 pm at XYZ hotel . Okay  and you
have to come with your brother .

Ridhima – okay . I will come .

She cuts the call .
Ridhima to herself – I have to inform laksh .
She informs to  laksh . Lakhs agrees .

VR mansion
Dadi came to vansh’s room . Vansh was there .

Dadi – vansh
Vansh- ji Dadi
Dadi – tomorrow is Shreya ‘s baby shower and we will go . So get ready
Vansh – Dadi , Shreya…woh massi’s daughter right
Dadi – yaa
Vansh – ohk .

The baby shower day…

Everyone was coming to the hotel and wishing shreya . Shreya was waiting for ridhima . Then Rai singhanua family came .
Dadi – Shreya , I am so happy for you
Shreya – thank you Dadi .
Vansh – hi Shreya .
Shreya – vansh Bhai
She hugged him
Shreya – Bhai where is that dumbo ?
Vansh –  He hasn’t return from London
Shreya – oh
Then shreya’s husband vineet grabbed everyone’s attention .

Vineet – hello everyone , so as you know it is shreya’s baby shower . Let’s make it more interesting . So our dearest Vansh Bhai  have to sing a song .

Vansh –
Vineet – why no ? You will
Shreya – Bhai , go na
Vansh – ohk

Vansh goes to the center and starts singing bas ek baar .

Meri nazron ko tune sapna dikhaya
Jagaya mujhe raaton mein
Dabi dabi saanson mein khushboo le aaya
Kabhi jo naa thi raahon mein

Aisa mera dil kabhi na tha
Jaisa yeh ho gaya
Karamaat teri hai yeh

Bas ek baar tumko dekhne ko tarsun
Maano na kehna mera
Main toh bas ek baar tumko dekhne ko tarsun
Kehta hai dil yeh mera


Aate aate tum le aana be-mausum ki
Kuch barishein yahaan
Aadhe aadhe bheege dono hon phir apni
Kuch khwaishein riha

Aisa mera dil kabhi na tha
Hairaan be-wajah
Saughat teri hai yeh

Bas ek baar tumko dekhne ko tarsun
Maano na kehna mera
Main toh bas ek baar tumko dekhne ko tarsun
Kehta hai dil yeh mera

Haan.. bas ek baar tumko dekhne ko tarsun
Maano na kehna mera
Main toh bas ek baar tumko dekhne ko tarsun
Kehta hai dil yeh mera


(This song is love ❤ so check it )

Then he stops . Everyone claps .
Vansh goes near Dadi .

Then everyone’s gaze fall at the entrance as a beautiful lady came .

The Rai singhania family was shocked seeing ridhima .
Ridhima comes near Shreya and hugs her  .
Ridhima – congratulations !!
Shreya – thank you

Then ridhima saw the entire Rai singhania family and was shocked seeing them . The Rai singhania family came near her . She was shocked .
Dadi – ahh..ri
A tear slipped from Ridhima’s eye . Vansh could notice it .

Shreya – Dadi , she is Dr.Ridhima . My personal doctor . She is a gynecologist.

Everyone was shocked hearing this .
Then suddenly a boy from back came .

It was laksh .
He saw the entire Rai singhania family . He was shocked seeing them .
He saw that ridhima was in tears .
He kept his hand on her shoulder .
Ridhima turned to him .

Ridhima – laksh
Laksh – you are okay !!
Ridhima – haan..

Vansh looked this and was burning in jealousy .

Shreya – ridhima..he is your…

She was about to say something but later she felt like vomiting. So , she went to washroom .

The Rai singhania family and Ridhima were in a face-off after 5 years .

Siya and ishani went near her and hugged her very tightly . She reciprocated too.

Siya – bhabhi
Ishani – bhabhi
Then ridhima broke the hug .
Ridhima (low) – I am not your bhabhi anymore

The Aryan too went and hugged ridhima .then ridhima broke the hug.
Ridhima went to Dadi and took her blessings .

Dadi – beta
She hugged her .

Then , ridhima looked at a teary-eyed vansh . Vansh looked at her . They both wanted to hug each other but couldn’t.
They wanted  feel each other’s touch but couldn’t .

Ridhima went outside and laksh followed her . Vansh too followed her .

Laksh – ridhima , ridhima

She stopped . Laksh went near her .
She hugged him and started crying .
Laksh caressed her back .

Ridhima – afte..r 5 years laksh.  After 5 years …… I sa..w hi..m…. . He….didn’t talk..ed …to .me…

She was crying inconsolably .
Laksh – ridhu..calm down . Calm down .
He gives her water and she drinks .
Laksh – okay ?
Ridhima – hmm
Laksh – talk to Shreya and I think we should go…he is there .
Ridhima – but Shreya..we will go after sometime..okay
Laksh – as your wish .

Vansh was watching them . He was crying too as he wanted to console her

Then ridhima , laksh and vansh went inside .

Shreya – where did you gone ?
Ridhima – nothing..just
Shreya – ohk…eat your dinner
Ridhima – yaa…

Ridhima and laksh we’re eating there dinner . Ridhima was staring vansh .
In the mean time she completed her dinner too .

Laksh – ridhima
No response
Laksh – ridhima
Ridhima – haan..yes
Laksh – we have completed out dinner let’s go
Ridhima – haan..
She goes near Shreya .

Ridhima – Shreya
Shreya – yaa
Ridhima – i am going..ohk
Shreya – so soon ..ohk
Ridhima – you take your medicines properly .
Shreya – haan…baba
Ridhima – bye
Shreya – byee
she goes with laksh .

Then vansh sees her . He was teary-eyed. Then he went near Shreya .

Vansh – Shreya
Shreya – yaa..Bhai

Vansh – that ridhina were telling something..ahh..

Shreya – yaa..Bhai ..she is a gynecologist and a physiotherapist .

Vansh was shocked hearing . He was thinking that between that 5 years she achieved many things . He was proud of her .

Shreya – she is so sweet
Vansh – hmm

Then after a while the party finishes . Everyone go back to their home .

To be continued…

Guys , you must be thinking that if Shreya is relative if vansh then how does she don’t know ridhima as she must have been attended their marriage , that I will reveal .

Thank you



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