You are my love (Riansh) part 56 by [email protected]

Last time , I gave a challenge and today I will translate that line in English .

“Thank you for reading my ff”

Everyone was telling they what about vansh where is he ? I will tell in this epi.

Today’s episode starts…
VR mansion
Vansh’s room

Vansh was hugging a photo .

Vansh – 5 years ridhima . I stayed away from you . You know , from the day of our divorce , no one is talking to me . Specially , siya and ishani . They are not ignoring me. Aryan is not coming to office as he thinks that he gave to meet me if he will come to office . Dadi is only telling about the important things and nothing more . You know why ? Because I Divorced you and didn’t trust you . Ridhima I am missing you . I am missing very much .

He sleeps .

The next day…
KR mansion

Ridhima got ready for hospital and came downstairs .

Kabir – ready ?

Ridhima – yes Bhai but I am hungry and hunger level is at peak .

Kabir laughs

Ridhima – Bhai you are laughing

Kabir – ok ok now sit and eat your breakfast BTW where is laksh ?

Ridhima – He must be sleeping . Donkey

Then a voice from behind came .

Voice – am I looking a donkey to you ?

Kabir – laksh

Laksh – haan ridhu , tell na

Ridhima – yaa and you are not looking like donkey , you are a donkey and I am feeling very bad for you as you cannot change the fact that you are a donkey .

Laksh – you !!

Kabir – ridhima…laksh ,now stop your fight and start eating . It’s getting late I am going to police station . Bye

Ridhima – Bhai , bhai wait , just 2 minutes . Let me complete my breakfast then we will go together .

Laksh – yaa..pls
Kabir – ohk

After a while Ridhaksh go to hospital and Kabir to police station .

Ridhima ‘s cabin
A nurse enters .

Nurse – mam
Ridhima – yes
Nurse – mam Mrs.Batra has came for her regular check up . I will send her ?

Ridhima – yaa send her .

Mrs. Batra comes to her cabin .

Mrs . Batra – Dr. RIDHIMA

Ridhima – yaa . Hi  Mrs.Batra

Mrs.Batra – woh , I have an appointment for babys regular check up .

Ridhima – let’s start

She makes Mrs.Batra ready for her baby’s check up .

Mrs.Batra slept on the stretcher . Ridhima kept her hand on her baby bump .

Ridhima – hey , champ . Are you ready for your check up ? Of course you must be . Your mumma is going to see you . Mrs.batra you can hear your baby’s heartbeat too .

Mrs.Batra – thats great .

Guys I don’t know much about these check up and all . If I hurt anyone’s sentiments then I am sorry .  ______________________________________________________________________________
Ridhima – Mrs. Batra see the baby in the monitor .

She see’s her baby . She hears the baby’s  heartbeat too .

Mrs.Batra – thank you doctor . This is the best feeling ever . Thank you
Ridhima – its my duty .

Then she stops it .
Then Mrs.batra and ridhima go to her cabin mad sit for discussion .

Mrs.batra (thinks) – Dr.ridhima is so humble and kind .

Ridhima – so Mrs.Batra , you have to take proper care if yourself and the baby

Mrs.batra – yaa…

Ridhima- Mrs. batra
Mrs.batra – doctor , you call me as Shreya . My name is Shreya .

Ridhima – ahh..o..okay , so if I am calling you by your name you too has to call me by my name .

Mrs.batra – ohk

Ridhima – so Shreya . You have to take proper care of baby . You take your medicines in proper time .ohk . Don’t be careless .

Shreya(Mrs.batra) – yaa..
Ridhima – you are taking your protein powder’s ?

Shreya – Yaa but ridhima , actually , sometimes feeling headache . That just makes my mood of .

Ridhima – don’t worry it happens . You do some creativity to avoid that . Ohk
Shreya – now I am going bye
Ridhima – byee and have a good day .

Vansh’s office

Vansh was shouting at a employee for not completing a work .

Employee – from past 5 years boss’s behavior is very bad . He is always shouting .

Angre listened his talk .

Angre (in mind) – the day when vansh Bhai left bhabhi . He is behaving like this . He is always disturbed . I know from what pain he is going through .

Angre enters his cabin

Vansh – what the hell !! Angre  . Why all the employees are working so slow .
Angre – boss I will make them understand .
Vansh – pls

Vansh goes to VR mansion .

VR mansion
Vansh’s room

Vansh felt very irritated and took ridhima’s photo .

Vansh – you know the day I left you . I am always been ng disturbed . I am always seen shouting at everyone . You know why ? Because you broke my trust .
He slept .

To be continued…

Thank you



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