You are my love (Riansh) part 54 by [email protected]

Today’s episode starts…
KR mansion (Kabir and ridhima’s house)
Ridhima’s room

Ridhima was crying .

Her eyes were swollen . She was hugging a photo of vansh and crying .

Ridhima – vansh , what don’t you trust me ? Why ? You love me right , then in love , trust is most important . Aahana just showed some pictures and you believed that . Why ? Why ? I think you never loved me . The love was fake . It was fake…ee..

She kept her head on the edge of the bed and sleep hugging his photo .

On the other hand
VR mansion
Vansh ‘s room
Vansh was sitting on floor .

Vansh – ridhima , what did you do that ? Why ? I think you didn’t loved me ever . The love was fake . It was fake . Everything was fake .fake…ee

He too slept on the edge of the bed .

The next day…
KR mansion .
Kabir came to ridhima’s room . He was shocked seeing ridhima sleeping on floor . He was about to wake her up but stopped .

Kabir (in mind) – princess , I know that from which pain you are going through . I know that you can’t do that , there might be some explanation with you . Princess , I promise you that your brother will protect you from every danger . I love you princess . I have taken a decision .

Tears were flowing from his eyes .
He wiped his tears and woke her up .
Kabir – ridhima
No response
Kabir – ridhima , ridhima
No response
Then after calling several times , ridhima woke up .

Ridhima – Bhai
Kabir – ridhima , go and get fresh
Kabir was about to go but ridhima held his hand .
Kabir – what happened ridhima ?
No response
Kabir – princess
No response
Ridhima hugged him and started crying .
Kabir didn’t stop her as he knew she is very upset . He reciprocated .

Ridhima – Bhai , am I unlucky , first I lost my parents and then my vansh . Bhai , am I unlucky .
She was crying very much .
Kabir – princess , who told you like this ? Haan…you are the luckiest person in the world…you don’t worry everything will be fine .
He consoled her .
Kabir – now go and get fresh
Ridhima nods in yes and goes to take a bath .

After a while , she came out . She glammed herself and went downstairs .
kabir – ridhima , sit your breakfast is ready .
Ridhima sits . Ridhima and Kabir start eating . Tears were flowing out from her ridhima’s eyes . Kabir didn’t noticed it .
Kabir – ah..ahh..uh..pri…uhh..
Ridhima – Bhai , you want to tell something.
Kabir – uh…ye…yess
Ridhima – tell na
Kabir – woh… Ridhima..woh

Then suddenly there was a knock in the main door .
Ridhima – let me open .
Ridhima goes to open the door .
She opens it and was shocked to see aryan .

Ridhima – Aryan…you here , come inside
Aryan goes inside .
Aryan – bhabhi…woh..ahh…..
Ridhima – tell
Then she noticed some papers in his hand . She understood that why he came .

Aryan – bhabu…woh…abb..woh
Ridhima – ahh..Aryan..I understood, give me the divorce papers .
Aryan gives the papers to her .
Her eyes filled with tears .

Ridhima – aahhhh… bringing…wa .wait..
She went to her room .

Ridhima’s room
Ridhima went to her bed and started crying inconsolably .

Ridhima – finally , the time has come . I have to divorce vansh . Why bappa ? Why ? What you gave me so much pain ? What is my fault ? You gave me so much pain .

She was crying like hell . Then Kabir called her .
Kabir – ridhima
Ridhima – haan..Bhai…coming .

Ridhima with a heavy heart 💔💔 went downstairs.
Ridhima – pen..ah

Everyone understood that she cried .

Ridhima was about to sign the papers but she stopped . She closed her eyes and reminisced her beautiful moments with vansh . A tears slipped from her eye and fell on the divorce papers.

With a heavy heart 💔💔 , she signed the papers .

Ridhima – here
Aryan took the papers and went from KR mansion.

Ridhima hugged Kabir and started crying inconsolably .


To be continued…

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