Will you still prefer me?

So guys

I have started 7 stories of ‘WILL YOU SERIES” . If you find any one inappropriate then tell me… like this one,I am not promoting Child marriage…its just an…innocent love story . Keep supporting ,keep enjoying. We will finish all stories together, slowly ,slowly.

Scene shows a boy ,10 years old walking on road ,in full rain storm ,he was walking randomly as if having no destination to reach.Then he heard the voice of someone crying.
He looked around and saw under the road side bench,
, a small girl, hardly 8 years old crying.
He forwarded his hand and she got more back ,panicking in fear.
He got up and then came back with a stone. Forwarded it to her.
Boy: Take this. If you feel scared or I hurt you then you can beat me with it.
Girl wiped her tears and smiled but tears again flew down over her pink cheeks.
She signed him to come under the bench too but he was taller than her.
So she came out.
The boy saw her drenching and shivering as it was late November and evening time.
Boy: I am Vansh.
But she didnt reply.her teeths were crackling in cold.
He took her under the roof of a roundabout and made her sit on the plastic horse.
Vansh wiped the mud from her face,hands,knees by his handkerchief.
She was now feeling calm.
Girl: I am Ri..ddhima.
Vansh smiled seeing her calm.
He too sat on other plastic horse and the roundabout starting revolving slowly due to the cold breeze.
Riddhima : I ran away from home.
Mumma papa..died. I…didnt like anyone (she gain started crying so Vansh made his legs reach land ,hardly ,because he too was small and tried to revolve the roundabout so that she can smile) so I left home.
Vansh stayed quiet for a moment and then allowed his heart to be poured.
Vansh: My mom died,dad brought new mom. Now he has his new wife and new son. So I too left home.
Riddhima:So we are same
Vansh nodded.
Riddhima :I am 8
Vansh: I am 10
Riddhima:Now where will we go
Vansh: I will think. We both can stay together.
Riddhima: But how. I once heard my mom saying to my mosi that girls dont stay with boys before marriage.
And you are a boy.
Vansh:So we will marry.
Riddhima’ : But who will do our marriage.
Vansh: I will think over that later. First we have to leave this city.
Riddhima: But where
Vansh: Any place where no one knows us.
And so he jumped down of horse and then lifted Riddhima ,hardly he could because his arms,still were childish,but his heart has the courage,,so he got Riddhima down.
And they both rushed with full speed towards railway station,in the rain,holding each other’s hand ,tightly.

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