Will you still prefer me? Part 5

Vansh and Riddhima are shown feeling the breeze of their city.

There were two reasons that they were having their city tour today.
First was that it was their, marriage anniversary.
Indeed marriage.
When they reached the city ,and were children. They have no understanding about what marriage and relations are. No understanding that what it takes to make a marriage successful, just Riddhima had one thing in her mind that to stay with a boy she should be married to him. Nd that thought of her and Vansh reluctance to deny her ,lead to the fact that Riddhima brought vermillion from nearby temple,and asked Vansh to apply it in her parting.and so he did with his small hands.
Then he tied the holy thread in her neck and,they shared a cute smile.
It was their marriage.
Riddhima then ,didnt apply vermillion on Vansh’s saying that it would lead to their identity revelation because society would definitely enquire about a girl using vermillion in that small age.
Although not knowing the deep meaning of that red vermillion,her heart was still not accepting to not apply that,but seeing that Vansh sacrificed his hand for their well being,she too just agreed,on just staying with holy thread in her neck.
It was good feeling for them at that small age that they are married,but slowly as they grew up,they stopped talking about their marriage.
They were becoming mature, understanding that, it was not the meaning of marriage that they understood . Time passed and that holy thread ,just remained as a symbol of friendship and life time commitment to each other ,not marriage. They were ,not husband wife but ,friends. Actually their relation had no name,it was more than friendship,no less than love but still they both,had allowed an open space for someone,for a stranger.
Vansh:Riddhima come ,its getting late.
She got down and sat behind him. He again started paddling.
Riddhima and Vansh reached the temple.
Priest now,was humble. He allowed orphans to join evening prayer with rich families. But at their time. The priest was not so,he rarely allowed ,Riddhima and Vansh to join the evening prayer.And that’s why,they used to sit near the roots of old banyan tree and enjoy the sunset and ringing bells of temple. They did so,even today.
Although they could ,stand ,in the front row of prayer today,but still the peace they got in the dusky sunshine ,it was just almost a different thing.
They sat,
Remembered that how ,
They had stopped saying that they are married. The thing which they used to proudly say to each other at young age,that you are my wife,you are my husband..these words were,just their childishness now. They used to just smile on this fact now.
They both remembered that it was ,their anniversary ,but didnt share.
Although they shared everything even now,but childhood,that has a different taste,that phase of life is so much full of freedom ,well their relation was even today the same.They used to die on each other even then,they use to die on each other even now.
They were caring for each other,even then,they do it even now.
They were,staying in the same room,sharing a deep bond of unconditional pure love ,of pure friendship even then,they do it even now.
Difference is that, they used to think that they are married at that time,today they are sure that one day,they will get married to their respective partners.
Still,they were life long partners even then,they are even now.
They are still sure,that they will ,go to any extent ,to keep up their bond,their relation alive !!
Riddhima turned towards Vansh,lifted his hand and touched it
to her cheeks. He was still staring  sunset.She smiled.
It was not that Vansh never broke down.
He too did.
When he was 15,he read in newspaper,that business typhoon,who was none other than ,his dad ,and his wife ,have died,in an accident,and all the property,is now on their son,’ Ashish Raisinghania’ name.
The demise of his dad,broke him.
He knew that the condition in which he left home, his dad was just of his new wife and son. For him,Vansh was not existing. He even didnt love him when his mom was alive. Vansh even heard in his childhood that ,the reason his mom died,was his dad having affair.
Still,even after so bitter relation with his dad,he was broken enough by the news,that led to him ,leaving his daily wage earning jobs and studies too.
It lasted for a month,
When he completely seperated himself from Riddhima ,even stopped talking to her.
Still caring for him like a child,
Bearing his completely different and harsh behaviour, she was also breaking down. Soon he brought,wine bottle too.
To which,Riddhima resisted,broke that bottle,slapped him,and when he saw ,the thread in her neck. He remembered all his promises ,commitments and once again,became the old Vansh.
it was not the only time when they got seperated ,one more time,when Vansh was 18 and Riddhima 16,
they got intimate one night.
That was,a life changing night for them.,
for next two weeks they stayed as stranger for each other,all their memories ,promises ,of togetherness ,were fading.
Riddhima,was in guilt that how that easily she gave upon him ,how he allowed him to...and Vansh ,he was in guilt,that how he could ,allowhimself for such a thing,how he changed ,their pure relationship,how he gave the innocence of their relationship this form.
He ,used to stay out of the home for whole day,only returning at late night and sleeping on terrace,they didn't talk even once in those two weeks.
But they,were dying to talk from inside,ofcourse that would happen,today you are in ,extreme love of a person ,caring about his every breath,it can not happen that suddenly you will withdraw yourself so much away from that person.
So happened with them,
one night it was raining hard,Vansh ,stood ,for whole night in rain,not sleeping for a moment,Riddhima had no idea about it,next day ,she got up,till then he had left,but she got to know from nighbour that how much it raineed last night.
She realised,that ,she can not lose him.
The very next night,when he returned,he was about to use key to open the gate,he found Riddhima opened the gate,they saw in each other's eyes,after a fortnight.
Befor he could say anything,she hugged him tight.and cried a lot,she could feel,his tears too,falling on her shoulders.
He fell on his knees,continously demanded apology,
Riddhima: (holding his hand...) Please Vansh,you didn't force me,it was,indeed me who ...stepped first.
Vansh: But I ,,,I should have controlled myself,how can i ,kill the innocence of our relationship.
Riddhima: It  was ....it was the mistake of both of us,not just you.
Riddhima: Can we get back ,to the same ,pure and innocent,childish relationship,of friendship that we had?
Vansh hugged her tight.
And o they did,but that incident changed a thing,they never,shared bed from then.
Out of flashbacks,back to reality ,Vansh is taking ,Riddhima ,back home.She bent her knees,and rested on his back,
Vansh: Riddhima...you will fall.
Riddhima: Had you allowed me to fall till now,that I will fall today.
He smiled.
And so ,returning fromm the yellow lights of street lights,red light of railway station clock,her eyes were getting wet ,with each place.
Actually,she was ,going ,out of the city,for the first time in her life,to fullfill her dreams.
She was,going to the,dream city,"Mumbai",to be ,an actress.
As they reached home,
went inside the room,after having food ,
she saw her room,so deeply,knowing that she is going ,to just fullfill her dream and will be back at this place,but her heart was wrenching.She then saw the rope,she tied to roof,when she was small,used to hang holding it,so that ,her hieght may increase,but Vansh always,got her down,telling her to not stran her hands.
She jumped and hanged holding that rope,,,
Vansh held her legs,she rested her hands on his shoulders leaving rope,he swirled her,both laughed.
Riddhima: Acha...get me down now,...
Vansh: Nope
Riddhima: Vansh get me down please...
Vansh: You will leave metomorrow.
Riddhima got emotional,,,holding his face from one hand,,,
Riddhima: Vansh you..
Vansh: Why can't I go with you.
Riddhima: Get me down first.Your hand will ache.
Vansh sat on chair and made her sit in his lap,she tried to get up but he held her form her waist,she looked at him,he had tears in his eyes.
Riddhima: Vansh you know well,I ...just can not take you.I want to stand on y feet.I want to fullfill my dreams ,on my won.
Vansh: Can not I be with you just
Riddhima denied,
Riddhima: Because then,I will just,end upon you,taking your help,which I don't want.I want to achieve this dream ,on my own.And even you had gone for business tours many times,why these emotions this time
Vansh styed quiet.
hen looking at her thread in her neck,he again got emotional.
Vansh: Will you forget me?
She became quiet.
His grip on her waist loosenedShe stood up.They shared an eyelock,with teary eyes.
She then got back in hi lap...this time with legs folded....hugged himtight.
Riddhima: I have told you na..you are my soul.Trust me...I am just taking body...soul is here,,,with you.
He hugged her back.
Then she got up,,,moved to prepare their beds,
Riddhima: If you are like this now,then what will happen when I will get married.
Vansh: Will you not stay here?
Riddhima:(smiling): I will...even if your wife will not allow me to.
Vansh: You know well,I will never marry a girl,who will not accept my soul.
They both smiled,went to sleep,but both had aching heart,she got up,and threw pillow towards him,
then they played pillow fight,,,,Riddhima collided with wall,and her elbow got hurt a bit,to which vansh became so serious,sitting on his knees,he was continously massgaing her elbow.She smiled.
Thinking that,
"I know world will not understand this relation,but trust me,I will,never allow anyone to enter our lives,who will not understand this relationThis will,always stay alive."

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