Will you still love me?

Scene shows Vansh driving car , talking over call on speaker when his car was stopped for checking by traffic police and he was given warninh to not talk over call while driving.

Vansh : Whether it is our country or not,rules are rules MR Vansh Raisinghania.
And so he moved forward and then saw the time of meeting so moved the car fast.
It was foreign country of some middle east and so he had to take help of GPS for reaching his destination for meeting for which he had came travelling thousands of miles.
He speed up because he could not afford to get late and in the rustle didnt saw the way,that it was a village area, his map suddenly stopped and in the time he was checking it and looked forward his car was to about collide with an old man so he turned it and slipping and rotating it stopped.Meanwhile he heard a scream of a girl saying, “Babaaa”.
When the dust storm settled down and he got  a little bit calm he got out and saw about 20 of earthenware crashed in pieces by his car and an old man there.
Vansh moved to him,that man was weak enough,tears in eyes,and wrinkles and scars over his face were showing that how hard it is for him to survive.
Vansh:Thank god you are fine
Vansh was just saying this when his eyes stuck on a girl…who was laying there and holding her leg. He realised that she might have collided with his car .
Vansh’s relieved expressions vanished and be panicked for that girl ,moved forward to help her as old man was weak enough to alone help her.
But as he moved his hand that girl showed him her palm,and turned to him in a jerk,her hair strands striked  Vansh’s face. She had furiousness in her eyes ,tears were of the anger.
Vansh:I can help you..
But he recieved a tight slap from girl.
That made Vansh furious. Old man tried to calm down the girl,
But she was saying no baba.
Girl: How can you help me Mr ,come on do me a thing. These pots which you have crushed. Rejoin each and every single piece.
Precap: Vansh: Please your leg is fractured you need treatment
Girl: Fine . If you want to help me in treatment. Earn. By making and selling earthen pots.
Vansh stood stunned.

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