Will you believe my confession?

Scene shows court room ,full of crowd,people have gathered there, some from criminals side,to hear the punishment ,some from victims side,to hear their justice.
Justice,the word which spanned that court auditorium.
Then came,a lot of lawyers,wandering here and there,managing their clients.
Then came the judge,as soon as she entered,young lady, still mature expressions,
Her black coat and way to walk,was clearly showing that she,was ,the person holding biggest position there.
The posture she managed,showed that she is strong enough to hold that responsibility.
The way she strikes the hammer with her desk,and her voice,powerful voice saying to maintain order .
She was, The judge ,Riddhima Mathur.
And then today ,was the case,which a woman judge would personally feel inclined to.
Case was that a guy,killed his fiance,raped and murdered her.

She recieved the report ,that criminal is from a well respected family, they were rich and his dad was
Earlier a known lawyer, Riddhima took the case file and ticked out some points .
She held the locket in her neck and kissed it as she did before every hearing.
She then recieved a packet and got the idea that what might be in that.Smirking she called her assistant and told her something
She then sat ,for the hearing to start and looked over the court room,praying in her heart to God. That she should do justice even today.

Precap: Criminal is brought by police to court.All the cameras of media ,,focused on him.

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