Will be friends forever Promo

Hai guys , too much apologize for being late . Here is the promo . Next update tomorrow .


In college ,


Rudra – I love you Preesha . I can’t express it clearly , because of you I am happy and now I will make you happy .First time ,I saw you I was wondering about you everyday .

Preesha – Rudra , it might be infrauation (don’t know how it spell) We just have meet . I even don’t know clearly .

Rudra – Fine , whatever you think , but it is love and will never change . You have time of 1 week . Accept or break two hearts .

Scene Freezes

Singhanias and Goenkas have fixed keesh engagement (Arrange) . They are going to mountain temple .

Busgot stuck in the end of a cliff . Twop people fall from cliff , confessing their love .(who are they)

Naira is about to fall but is saved by Kartik . And the rock is breaking




Naitik regains memory .

Scene freezes

Neil – I will propose Avni .

Avni – I will propose you in a different style doctor .

Neil – See my style .

They are about to go but both get anonymous call .

Avni – Neil got in an accident .

Neil – Avni got into an accident .



Neil – I am sorry Avni . I will never do prank . But you have done prank too .

Scene freezes

In London ,


Mishti – I love you …..(who ??)


Abir- Mishti ,I will save you .

1 enmity later ,


1 week later ,

Truth and dare.

Kuhu – Kunal , propose your crush .

Kunal – Umm , I will do it at the end of the year .

Kuhu – Ok ,padhaku .

Kunal – Don’t call me that .

(Will Kunal propose kuhu ? A shock is waiting)

Police comes in between .

Cop inspector – You are under arrest .


Scene freezes.

I will try to update,but possibly it will be updated on Monday . Pls comment (I know you all will be angry but ,still ,

Atleast 2 )


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