Wife’s trick to grab the husband’s attention. #Riansh OS

Hello guys. Here is a new os of mine. It is requested by my dearest Analise. I hope you could like it and do tell me your opinion on the comments.
It is started after Riddhima has took the disguise of Mr. Roy.
So let’s start.
Siya’s POV starts:
Oh God!!!! Bhabi will put herself in a very big problem because of what she is doing!
Vansh bhai will be so angry on her when he will know that she is taking the disguise of Mr. Roy.

This thing will not keep being unfolded for more time.
I know that I have told her that she has to make him give her some attention, but not in this way!!!
I’m so worried about what Vansh bro will do when he knew that Mr. Roy is not anyone other than Riddhima bhabi if he actually doesn’t already know that from her attitudes.
I just hope that he don’t be angry.
I’m sure that so much hilarious stuff will happen while bhabi is taking this disguise.
Let’s see what will happen with this two!
Siya’s POV ends.
Riddhima was being with Vansh at the gym room in the disguise of Mr. Roy.
She was doing her best to not make him catch her.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
You are the one who has forced me to be in this disguise Vansh. So you could just give me some attention and care.
Your time is always for business, but not for more time.
Enough is enough Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania.
Now you will spend your whole time with me even if I will be in the disguise of Mr. Roy.
I just hope that he couldn’t catch me and I keep acting that brilliantly.
Vansh: What is making you distracted Mr. Roy? Actually, you aren’t even concentrated on training!
Me(talking in man’s voice): Nothing Mr. Vansh I was just thinking about how to be a good husband and don’t make my wife be upset at all.
I will make him now know how to treat me in the perfect way by using being in the disguise of that Mr. Roy!
So he could know that wife’s trick to grab the husband’s attention isn’t a difficult thing on Riddhima Rai Singhania.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Vansh: That’s a very good thing Mr. Roy. It is good to think about your wife and care about her as the wives always deserve so much care and attention.
Riddhima in the disguise of Roy got so irritated from Vansh.

Riddhima( in a little high voice): You have to say that first to yourself. You always ignore your wife and now you talk about giving attention!!!!
Vansh has heard a little from this words.
Vansh: Excuse me do you were saying something Mr. Roy?
Riddhima( Roy): Nothing Mr. Vansh. I was just saying that your wife is so lucky to have a husband like you as of course you care about her a lot and give her so much attention.
Vansh has came near Riddhima( Roy) and has putted his hand on her shoulder.

Vansh: Tell you something Mr. Roy, but no one must know about it.
Riddhima( Roy): Of course Mr. Vansh.
Vansh: Man to man?
Riddhima( Roy): Yes man to man.
Vansh: Yes I care a lot about my wife, but yeah she is so boring and like the typical and the traditional wives. She also doesn’t give me any attention like she used to do. All her time is just for roaming around everyone and getting all the secrets out as yeah what my wife is so famous about it is spying about each and everything even if she will spy on her own self!
Riddhima has got more irritated.
Riddhima( Roy): Really?!!!! She is that boring and doesn’t giving you any attention?!!!!!!!!
Vansh: Yes Mr. Roy. Look how perfect husband am I and how she isn’t a good wife at all!!!!!
Riddhima( murmuring): Look who is talking?!!!!! How dare you to say about me that I’m boring and don’t giving you attention?!!!!!! I’m spying on everyone?!!!!! I will not spare you Vansh Rai Singhania!
Vansh has smiled secretly.

Vansh: Do you are saying something Mr. Roy?!!!!
Riddhima has tried to control her anger and annoy.
Riddhima( Roy): I was just being surprised from what you have said Mr. Vansh as this wasn’t the same thing that I have heard it about your wife.
Vansh: Come on Mr. Roy. You know that there are so many things that it is just between the husband and the wife and no one knows about it. So how people will know those personal stuff? Anyway, forget about it and let’s keep training. You have to change this one now and train on another stronger one.
Vansh has made Riddhima( Roy) to train on a hard trainer.
Riddhima was struggling in training on it.
Vansh( controlling his smile): What has happened Mr. Roy?! Why you aren’t able to handle such a simple trainer?!
Riddhima( Roy): Simple?!!! It isn’t simple at all Mr. Vansh!!!
Vansh: Come on Mr. Roy don’t talk like girls. It is is just difficult on girls and you are a man so how you could say such?!
Riddhima starts to panic.
Riddhima to herself: Oh shit!!! He will catch me now!! I have to escape from him.
Riddhima( Roy): It isn’t like that Mr. Vansh. The idea that I’m just a little exhausted so that’s why I’m not able to train that perfectly. So I just need to go and take some rest.
After Riddhima has left, Vansh starts smiling.

Vansh’s POV starts:
Not bad Riddhima!
Good acting!
But you will never be able to fool Vansh Rai Singhania as I could easily catch you.
Let’s see for how many times you will be able to complete this acting.
I know how to make you admit about everything by your own self.
Vansh’s POV ends.
After some time, Vansh and Riddhima( Roy) we’re being at the garden.
Vansh: Let’s take tea together Mr. Roy. Almost all men enjoy tea and for me I like to put a little lemon on it so you have to try that with me.
Vansh has offered the tea to Riddhima( Roy).

Riddhima has stood up.
Riddhima( Roy): Lemon???!!! No no. I don’t want it.
Riddhima to herself: I can’t drink anything that contains on it lemon!!! I have allergy from it. If I have said no, he will doubt me and if I drank it, I will struggle a lot. So what I will do now?!!!
Vansh: What has happened Mr. Roy? Why you got that panicked and have stood up in that way?! Does there is anything wrong?!
Vansh was controlling himself to not smile.
Riddhima( Roy): The idea that I just don’t like lemon at all so I can’t drink anything contains on it lemon. Sorry Mr. Vansh, but I need to leave now.
Riddhima has left immediately while Vansh was still laughing so much.
Riddhima was being at the room that it got given to her as being Mr. Roy.
She was being on her real disguise.
She was taking shower and thinking about a way that could safe her from being caught.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
This game is making me being putted in so many struggles and this Vansh Rai Singhania has said so many stuff that I will not spare him for it.
Let me just finish this game and I will give him a big punishment.
Oh shit!!!!!
He is here!!!!
Everything has got ended now!!!
I have got out from the washroom to find him sitting on the bed!!
How I will get out from this situation now?!!!
He has saw me on my real disguise as Roy’s room!!!
You have got finished Riddhima!!!
Vansh: Why you are being that surprised sweetheart or should I say Mr. Roy?!
I was just silent and not looking at his eyes.
He has really caught me!!!
Vansh: Do you thought that you will be able to play this game from the back of me???! You are so innocent my love!
Me: How you have known that Vansh?!
Vansh has came near me and has kissed me in my forehead.

Vansh: Come on sweetheart. You know how much your husband is so clever so I could catch anything very quickly and don’t also forget that I know you more than you know yourself so I could easily know that it is you from just your touch. And also there isn’t a man who is that short!
He has said those words in a sarcastic tone.
I got so irritated from him.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Riddhima: Oh really?!!!! You are so mean Vansh!!!! You were knowing everything from the beginning and still you have irritated me that much!!! Am I boring and not giving you an attention?!!!! Really?!!!! Will not forgive you.
Riddhima was going to leave, but Vansh has stopped her by making her closer to him so much.

He has kissed her on her cheek in a very romantic way.
Vansh: Relax sweetheart. You will always have your own charm on me. You are having all the special effects that could succeed in making me fall for you madly more and more. I was just irritating you to see for how much time you will complete this acting that I wasn’t understanding the reason behind it. So could I know the reason now?
Riddhima: You weren’t giving me any attention Vansh. I was being alone and you were just concentrating on working. The wife could do anything just to be with her husband even if she will be on another disguise.
Vansh has got more closer to her and has looked at her in a cute way.

Vansh: I have liked you so much in the disguise of Mr. Roy.
Then he has surrounded her by his hands.

She was smiling.
Then they have hugged each other a very tight hug.

Riddhima: Promise me that you will give much attention and care Vansh and don’t you dare to say about me again that I’m boring okay otherwise the next time you don’t know with which disguise I will take it.
Vansh has smiled.
Vansh: Okay fine Mrs. Multi disguise Rai Singhania. I promise that I will give you so much attention and will never make you be upset at all. Happy now?
Riddhima: Yes so happy.
She has smiled and then she has kissed him in his cheek.

They were being happy and enjoying this funny moment.














The end of the os. I hope you like it. I have tried to make it funny I hope it wasn’t boring. Do tell me your opinion on the comments. I hope I have done it in a good way. Will be waiting for all of yours comments. Your comments is the thing that encourages me to write more os episodes. So please comment so many comments here and break my previous record of comments. Your respond here is what will make me know if I will write a new os or not. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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