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A/N: Riddhima and vansh are best friends since 8 years. They know each and every detail about each other. Their parents have got them married now because people started questioning their relationship.

Let’s start with the os:

It was riansh’s marriage day. It’s bidai time. Riddhima is crying hugging everyone while vansh is cleaning his sweat from his forehead. Soon they both sit in car and aryan(vansh’s brother) started driving. Riddhima was looking outside the window and was crying silently. Vansh noticed this.

Vansh: why are you crying!

Riddhima: because you ate my chocolate.

Vansh: what?? When!!

Riddhima: idiot..I am leaving my house so why will I not cry.

Vansh: I am your husband now..stop calling me idiot!

Riddhima: why will I stop calling you idiot..never ever!

Aryan: stop fighting you both please. We have reached home.

Riddhima and vansh gave angry glares to each other and stepped out of the car. Uma did their aarti. Riddhima kicked the vessel full of rice and came inside dipping her feet in kumkum and imprinting her footprints. She dipped her hands in haldi and imprinted them on wall. Siya and Ishani takes her to vansh’s room.

Siya: bhabhi see your new room!

Riddhima: I have seen this room more than 1000 times. What is there to see in it now.

Siya and Ishani laughed at her. Ishani covered her face with veil.

Riddhima: what are you doing Ishani!!

Ishani: are bhabhi.. first night!

Saying so they both went out to collect money from vansh. Sleepy vansh came.

Ishani &siya: give us money!

Vansh: yaha meri barbaadi hogayi aur tumhe paise chaiye!

Ishani: bhai..it’s a ritual!

Vansh: fine! I want to sleep. Take it.

He gave them money and went inside the room and locked it. He glanced at Riddhima who was sitting under veil.

Vansh: change your clothes..I am sleepy.

Riddhima(lifting up her veil): what the hell! First night is very special for a girl vansh. You didn’t even lift up my veil.

Vansh: I have your this rubbish face one crore times. Why to lift the veil for it.

Riddhima: rubbish face(angry)

She throws a pillow at him. He runs to washroom. He comes after changing and sees that Riddhima has also changed into nightsuit. Vansh comes and sits on the bed.

Riddhima: are you going to sleep on the bed with me..

Vansh: do you think I will sleep somewhere else!

Riddhima: oh god now I have to listen your snoring! You will disturbed me whole night!

Vansh: huh..I snore!!

Riddhima: yes!

Vansh: then it’s your problem. I will sleep here only!

He lays down. She makes an annoying face and lays beside him switching off the lights. Next morning Vansh wakes up and finds Riddhima sleeping.

Vansh: pure saal bhi so sakti hai ye ladki(she can even for full year)

He goes and takes bath. He comes out and sees Riddhima switching off the alarm clock and sleeping again. He goes to her.

Vansh: Riddhima wake up.

No response.

Vansh: Riddhima.

No response.

Vansh: kunal you here.

Riddhima wakes up quickly.

Riddhima: Kunal..where is Kunal!

Vansh burst out laughing.

Vansh: he is at his home.

She gives him deathly glares.

Riddhima: why did you lie to me!

Vansh: you were not waking up so I have to take the name of your crush!

Riddhima: so should I take the name of Shreya!

Vansh: shut up riddhu!

Riddhima: I know you from 8 years! Your girlfriends,your crushes everything. No wife knows this much about her husband.

Vansh: I was unknown to the fact that you will become my wife! Otherwise who would share this all with a wife.

Riddhima: it’s okay I don’t mind.

Vansh: get ready fast otherwise your in-laws will started minding.

She glares him and goes to washroom. After freshening up she came and went downstairs.

Dadi: riddhu beta today is your pehli rasoi..

Uma: mom you know she doesn’t know to cook so how will she!

Vansh: mom what type of bride you brought for me! See her idiot!

Riddhima: who the hell you calked idiot!

Vansh: unfortunately my bride is you only.

Riddhima(angry): I will kill you.

Saying so she goes to him and he runs away. She runs behind him. They both were shouting and running in the hall.

Uma: Riddhima, vansh..

Ajay: you both are married now..you both are not kids anymore!

Vansh and Riddhima (in unison): it doesn’t matter we are married or not our friendship relation will never change.

They both look at each other and laugh. Soon everyone gathered at dining table and started eating breakfast.

Riddhima(whispering): Wow…you eat shreya’s favourite dish also!

Vansh: is this is the time to say all this.

Riddhima: of course! Why not! Shreya and vansh..shreyansh!

Vansh: Riddhima and Kunal..rinal!

Riddhima: I will kill you..

Vansh: you started first!

She stomps her foot on his.

Vansh: ahhh..

Aryan: what happened bhai..

Vansh: nothing a mosquito bit me!! (Glaring at Riddhima)

After the breakfast everyone left to their respective works. Vansh left to office while Riddhima and siya went to riddhima’s room for chit chatting. The day was almost ending. It was 10 pm. Uma became worried and called everyone down.

Uma: vansh hasnt returned yet…it’s 10 pm!

Riddhima: chill mom he must be coming!
(Murmering)mar to nahi gaya!

Uma: call him Riddhima.

Riddhima nods. He calls him.

Riddhima: hello! Kaha mar gaya yaar tu! Itni der hogayi! (Hello! Where did you die! It’s so late)

Everyone glared Riddhima. She realised she spoke it in front of everyone! Vansh was about to speak when Riddhima spoke,

Riddhima: I mean..kaha hain aap! Bohot der hogayi kab aaenge! (Where are you..it’s so late when will you come)

Elders calmed down while siya,Ishani and aryan were giggling silently. Vansh was drinking water and after hearing Riddhima saying “aap” the water came out of his mouth.

Vansh: are you in your senses!

Riddhima: actually..all family members are asking for you!

Vansh understood that everyone was there.

Vansh: there is some work here today I will be there in half an hour.

Riddhima: ok!

She disconnects the call.

Riddhima: he will be there in half an hour.

The elders leave while siya, Ishani and aryan goes towards Riddhima and laugh.

Riddhima: shut up yrr! It’s so weird to give him respect.

All were laughing. After a while vansh came.

Uma: vansh atleast call and inform us when you are late.

Ajay: yes vansh we get worried.

Vansh: I forgot to tell..I will mind it from next time.

Vansh(thinking): dadi,mom,dad everyone is here!! Perfect timing to tease Riddhima!

He removed his blazer and throwed at Riddhima.

Riddhima: what the hell!

Vansh: you are my wife. Come on go and keep this blazer in room. It’s your duty.

She gave him deathly glare and left to room. After having dinner he came to room. Riddhima started throwing pillows at him.

Vansh: riddhi(got another hit)stop it(she was hitting him continuasly) riddhi yaar!

Riddhima: you are taking advantage of this! I hate you(angry)

Vansh: dadi..

She stopped.

Riddhima: stop scaring me in the name of dadi..(glaring him)

He giggled and started hitting her with pillow. They both got into a pillow fight. While fighting they both got imbalanced and fell on bed on each other.  They both shared an eyelock. After a while they slept cuddling each other. They started the next day fighting with each other like yesterday.

.                       THE END!!!

I know this was little weird. Hope you all like it. Thankyou for a good response on previous os which got copied by someone on Wattpad!! I felt really bad..that was the reason for me to join Wattpad. It requires a lot of hardwork writing something and you all just copy and don’t even give credits.

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