Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Narharidas finally meets Rambola.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rambola expressing his happiness to Mata Paravati & Prabhu Mahadev who are in disguise acting with him like his parents, saying that it’s good you are here as I was feeling very depressed without my mother & you have taken care of me like my parents. Prabhu Mahadev explains him of how not to feel alone but he says that I always feel scared by storm, darkness, lightning, thunder etc. & Mata tells him to listen to your heart & meditate within yourself hence all your scare will vanish & while resting on Mata’s lap he utters a proverb sleeping slowly chanting it which is appreciated by Prabhu telling Mata to see I had told you he’ll grow this way & will become a great poetry writer.

Jaya says it was good for Rambola because Mata & Prabhu went for his safety & also giving him the love of parents while Ganeshji says he also shared all his things whatever he faced in his life with them & Prabhu guided him the true path.

Rambola’s father feels very restless crying for his son while his brother always misguided him on wrong path but he was eager to meet his son.

Rambola wakes but he finds Mata & Prabhu left hence he thinks where they must have gone while on the other hand Narharidas is on his way searching Rambola. Narharidas reaches at his village while Rambola is cutting wood for taking it to his house & Narharidas enquiring with some people sitting nearby about Rambola describing of him but nobody knows while Mata Paravati feels telling Prabhu that Guru might meet his student now but Narharidas sees Rambola lifting wood so he tries to ask him but a man stops him giving him the details of Rambola & he moves on other side while Rambola moves towards his house.

Prabhu tells Mata that you aren’t realizing it takes time to happen all these things while she too says that I understand something must happen before that.

Rambola’s friends joke with him while his wood falls from his hands in a mud pit & makes him cry hence he runs in his house finding Mata waiting for him & he hugs her emotionally sharing about his friends joking with him. Mata consoles him but shows him what all she has brought for him & she also explains him about the story of chirping birds which keep chirping like his friends hence to ignore them keeping quiet & tells him she’ll prepare food for him first. Rambola after hearing about bird’s story utters a proverb on birds which gives great knowledge of description in words of chirping birds. Mata hence gives him knowledge of his importance in life & as per his query of “Shri Ram” too wondering about his God & Mata tells him that this knowledge will be given to you only by a Guru.

Narharidas reaches at Rambola’s parent’s house but his uncle denies to give any details about him hence he is about to leave but the Lady woman stops him saying that I’ll give you his details but he is a curse because of whom his mother died & later his caretaker but Narharidas explains him in such a way that she repents for her mistake of thinking wrong about Rambola & she tells him his location but hearing this his father also feels ashamed on himself for ignoring his great son.

Rambola asks Mata which Guru will come to take me & she tells him that he’ll take your name & will take you from here but you have to welcome him with flowers while Narharidas calls him & he immediately goes to see him & Narharidas tells him he has come to take him for making his student & Rambola puts flowers on his feet for welcoming while all villagers are stunned thinking they were thinking him curse but a great teacher has come to take him it means he is a blessed child.

Precap: Rambola leaves with Narharidas while his father comes to meet him but the lady woman tells him he has left with a great teacher who realized his true value. Narharidas decides his new name as Tulsidas which is confirmed by Prabhu Mahadev & Mata Paravati too.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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