Udaariyaan 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh gets hurt by Jasmin’s act

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The Episode starts with Tejo saying I will inform Jasmin. Fateh says no need, I will call Gippy and meet him, Jasmin will get to know about it. Jasmin is at college. She says Fateh is just acting sweetly with Tejo, he still loves me. She asks Sweety to do a drama in front of Tejo. Tejo comes to the college. Sweety comes and does a drama with Jasmin. Tejo worries. Jasmin says I m not going on any date, I m not meeting anyone, go from here. Tejo asks what were you saying. Jasmin says Gippy will ask me again about Fateh, I can’t lie, talk to mummy once, explain her that my relation with Gippy can’t happen, she will understand you soon. Tejo asks what will happen if you call mummy, Fateh is meeting Gippy. Jasmin asks what, are they meeting, you said Fateh doesn’t want to meet Gippy. Tejo says he is meeting Gippy, I didn’t wish to tell you, your work is done, they are together right now. Jasmin gets shocked.

She asks where. Tejo says you wanted this, you should be happy. Jasmin says yes, I wanted this, thanks Tejo. She hugs Tejo. She thinks if Gippy tells Fateh that I asked him to meet Fateh, that it will be a big problem. Fateh comes and meets Gippy. Jasmin makes an excuse and leaves. Fateh asks why did you want to meet me, what do you want to talk. Gippy says nothing. Jasmin and Sweety leave in the auto. Fateh and Gippy have a talk. Jasmin reaches the cafe. She sees them talking. Gippy sees Jasmin. He asks now you feel good, you wanted us to meet and talk, we met and we had a talk also, you know what, Fateh you are a true gentleman bro, seriously, he was praising you so much, really. Gippy gets a call. He goes to take the call. Jasmin asks why did you praise me, when you hate me, or you don’t hate me, do you love me. Fateh says don’t act oversmart, you can fool your sister, not me, I understand you and your game, Gippy didn’t want to meet me, you wanted me to come here, I was praising you, because I genuinely want you both to get married, you go to your Canada, spare us. Jasmin sees Gippy coming back.

Fateh goes to his academy and plays badminton. Tejo comes to him. He says Jasmin’s marriage is fixed. She asks what did you talk to Gippy, tell me. FB shows Jasmin saying I want to tell something imp to my life’s most imp person. She holds Gippy’s hand. Fateh recalls Jasmin and his moment. FB ends. Tejo asks was Jasmin there. Fateh says yes, Gippy would have called her, Jasmin and Gippy held hands, it was filmi scene. He recalls Jasmin proposing Gippy by going on her knees. Jasmin makes Fateh angry. Fateh hurts his hand by the fork. Gippy says yes, I will marry you. Everyone claps. Gippy hugs Jasmin. FB ends. Fateh tells everything to Tejo. He claps and says congrats. He hugs Gippy. He congratulates Jasmin. Gippy says we shall have some food. Fateh says no, I have lunch with just my wife. Gippy says see you bro. Fateh leaves. FB ends. Fateh says I m very happy, are you happy, are you worrying for me, I m fine, good, I have to make an imp call, I will just come. He goes. Tejo worries.

Tejo says I just want you to always stay happy. Gippy says I felt one thing weird. Jasmin asks why. Gippy says he was normal with me before you came, when you came, you didn’t talk to you, nothing. Jasmin thinks I know I still affect Fateh. She says he is my past, I think we should focus on our future. Gippy says I like it, shall we start marriage prep. She says yes, you start it.

Bebe asks Mami to talk to Gippy’s marriage. Mami sees Jasmin and thinks something is going on in her mind. Satti says its good Tejo has forgiven you. Jasmin says yes, will you listen to me, call Tejo here to stay, I want her to make marriage arrangements, her choice is my choice. Satti says no, I can’t force her. Jasmin says tell her if you want, I want to spend some time with Tejo, I will happily go. Satti says fine, I will talk to her. Rupy comes and calls Satti. Jasmin thinks if Tejo comes, then Fateh will also come, I m just showing him the path.


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